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Featured Projects

  • Human Pieces II - Nationa...
    On behalf of The South African Theatre Village Pty Ltd – an indep...
    Created on: 17 April 2017
    Days to Go: 2 Target: R 20,000
    0% funded so far
  • 28 Days in a Wheelchair!
    I am Peter Muller, an Architectural Professional, who sat on the ...
    Created on: 03 April 2017
    Days to Go: 34 Target: R 50,000
    0% funded so far
  • Nightclub FS
    Gay But Straight friendly Nightclub and event venue in the Free S...
    Created on: 02 April 2017
    Days to Go: 94 Target: R 3,100,000
    0% funded so far
  • Basic Skills Worskhop
    Skills Development Workshop  will provide a platform for basic pr...
    Created on: 28 March 2017
    Days to Go: 88 Target: R 60,000
    0% funded so far
  • hldzynz
    I have recently decided to embark on starting my own company maki...
    Created on: 13 March 2017
    Days to Go: 44 Target: R 250,000
    0% funded so far
  • Chemical Free, Natural Ha...
    We are sick and tired of hair, skin and scalp treatments packed w...
    Created on: 09 March 2017
    Days to Go: 10 Target: R 20,000
    0% funded so far
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Featured Success Stories

  • Help Levi have an MRI
    Category: Animals

    Fully Funded: R 10115


  • Can you help Chantell beat cancer?
    Category: Cause

    Fully Funded: R 103690


  • Help Nompumelelo be her family's first university graduate!
    Category: Education

    Fully Funded: R 4520


  • Baby Blake Herman Medical Fund
    Category: Community

    Fully Funded: R 5810


  • Yoga*Man Phase I
    Category: Fashion

    Fully Funded: R 2500


  • trevz eco-friendly watches
    Category: *Entrepreneurial

    Fully Funded: R 25035


    Thank you for providing the platform for crowdfunding. It's a great concept and I hope it takes off here as it has done in the USA.

    I've been encouraging other entrepreneurs to use this channel as a platform to raise funds and create awareness about what they are doing.
  • Arc Reactor's 1st Album Fund
    Category: Music

    Fully Funded: R 20130


    I just wanted to send you a mail to say thank you.

    We really appreciate the assistance and personal support that you have given us over the last 3 months.

    Without your platform, we couldn't have realised our dreams.

    We are now booked to go into the studio in 2 weeks, and the album should be released in May.
  • Own 5 YouTube Music Videos WITH Traffic
    Category: Music

    Fully Funded: R 3000


  • Chemical-free Soaps
    Category: Small Business

    Fully Funded: R 4205


    Wow! I just logged in now to see the progress and was very surprised to see that it has reached the target! I'm super excited and Jumping around :)

    Thank you for helping entrepreneurs in South Africa, especially for allowing
    me to add my project. I will help future projects when I can.

    Category: *Entrepreneurial

    Fully Funded: R 6295


    Startme rocks and it has benefited me so much, you are doing a great job :) The funds are going to help me with the cost of the website upgrade which is vital.

    I will definitely be going back to your site to help others.
  • Urban Turbine
    Category: Technology

    Fully Funded: R 10100


    I am looking forward to ploughing the funding into this project and will keep you apprised of the progress, I will continue to promote startme through my twitter account and talk about it where ever I can, and will continue to do so.

    Advice to Entrepreneurs: I think there are 2 critical areas that other start-ups can benefit from, specifically the use of a video and making use of social media (Twitter)
  • Recycling of Lead Acid Batteries in Car, Truck and Other uses
    Category: Small Business

    Fully Funded: R 3400


    Thanks for helping me and Your money will go to good use now. I am going to give you feedback every month keeping you all updated during my Start-Up and the year to come.

    This is a really great service for Entrepreneurs like me. I’ve been looking for funding to help us get of the ground for a long time and now finally we can make start. Thanks You!

    Work hard and promote your project every day. Don’t expect the money to come flooding in if you are not going to be prepared to promote your project to everyone everywhere.

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