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Thursday, 05 April 2012 00:00

Musicians using crowdfunding on the web in South Africa

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The music industry is one of the most active art industries, and for good reason. There are lots of people with immense talent and musical skills who are ready to take their place in the industry, but only a selected few get into it through the traditional method of approaching big music producers. However, you could also try asking your fans or interested public to fund a music album for you.

Normally, this risky proposition would be greeted with scorn or confused looks, but the recent years have seen several musical artists from different parts of the world successfully getting into the industry without the help of big-time producers. These artists have been able to charm their way into the hearts of several thousand people, who have contributed their small share to give the artistes a chance to showcase their talents.

Crowd funding as a reliable method of fund-gathering

The process explained above where artists get the public to contribute to their album budget is commonly called crowd funding, and it has picked up popularity in South Africa as well as the rest of the world. Several young and talented artists in different countries have been given the chance to see their musical dreams come true with the help of this method. The growing popularity of crowdfunding can be attributed to a number of factors, and they are all discussed below.

The popularity of crowd funding in music

In the last few years, there have been several cases of artists getting their music released just the way they wanted with the power of crowdfunding. The reasons for the rising popularity of crowdfunding are many.

One of the biggest reasons for artists turning to crowdfunding is that the mainstream music industry is losing its luster. Music producers are less than enthusiastic about experimenting with new musicians, but the burden of responsibility cannot be laid solely on their shoulders. Like any other industry, the music industry survives on profit. With their limited reach, only a small percentage of talented musicians are able to attract the attention of mainstream producers.

Of this small number, just a few are selected according to the profit they can be expected to make. On the other hand, the internet has been able to penetrate into every level of society. Blogs, individual websites, and accounts on social networking websites offer an unparalleled platform for the rest of the talented individuals to try their best.

By harnessing the power and reach of the internet, musicians can get others to listen to their work and their ideas in an instant. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a vast majority of crowdfunding for music artists is based on the internet. In fact, the presence of the internet and high-traffic social networking website actually makes crowdfunding a lot easier.

How to fund your music on the web

The method of crowdfunding works by convincing people to donate their bit for bringing a project to life. In the last few years, musicians have finally begun to understand the right way to do it. Most successful crowdfunding campaigns have one thing in common, which is that the musician has provided some incentives to the contributors for their actions. The incentives can be anything from personal performances to early copies of the final album. In fact, if you look at how crowdfunding has evolved over the years, you will find that musicians have stopped asking for contributions like they are handouts, and have instead embraced their contributors and interested fans into the creative process.

Simply put, you should allow your well-wishers to become a part of album-making process so that you are able to personally connect with your audience. It is a win-win situation for everyone, so why should you not go for it?

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