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Wednesday, 02 May 2012 00:00

Using Video for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

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The use of video to support your crwodfunding campaign is certainly nt only for the profesinals and is quickly cathing on as a great tool to atract the type of funding you need fro your project. With crowdfunding, success is achived through getting people excited abouth your project. It much less about perfection and more about enthusiasm. Here are a few tips on how to make a great video for your Startme page.

The Beginners Mind
Start from the assumption that the viewer does not know anything about your business or idea. You have the opportunity to get someone as excited about your idea as you are so start from the beginning and tell them why they should invest in your idea. In your video presentation make sure you address the 5 Ws: who are you? What are you raising money for? Where will the campaign take place? When do you expect to be finished? And of course -- what is in it for them?

The old saying goes that people are for ever listening for this. What's In it For Me. So make sure you understand that when promoting your project via video.

Keep your pitch under 5 minutes so you can retain your audience’s attention (1-2 mn is usually enough). Most internet users have a fairly short attention span so the first minute or so will be crucial.

You may want to speak directly to the viewer. It makes your appeal feel more personal and gives a face to your campaign.

Imagine you are taling to someone when presenting your idea on the video. Have a conversation with camera. Engage: tell the lens who you are, why you’re doing what you’re doing. Show your excitement and enthusiasm. If you are not excited about the idea then neither will then be.

People care most about the human side of things. Tell the story behind your project!

Most Mac computers’ integrated cameras are fine for achieving what you need (Photobooth). However if you have a PC, consider using an external digital camera.

If you know someone who has a good quality video camera then ask them to help you out. Crowdfunding is all about asking and this may be a great time to start.

SOUND. 1, 2, 3 - Testing, Testing? Good sound is essential. If you have a microphone that you can plug into your computer then tis will be a great time to use it!

Make sure there are no distractions around you. The microphone is sure to pick it up. You want to ensure that the viewer is focussed on what YOU are saying so keep distractions to a minimum.

The more light you have the better. make sure that there is plenty of light around. Do you remember taking school photos and the camera man had these really bright lights behind you? Clearly the reason for this was to take a better photo, and the same applies to video.

If your team consists of me, myself and I, write a brief outline with a few bullet points. Make sure to get people's attention. Once again the opening lines and first minute will be crucial to you keeping the viewers attention.

Press the “record” button. Wait a few seconds before starting your pitch - this will make editing much easier. 3, 2, 1 Pitch!

When you’re done with the first take, decide what you liked about what you just said. Do it again. And again.

Remember to go over your presentation a few times before the final shoot. If its your first time in front of the camera, it will probably take a while before you get comfortable. If you are are not nervous at all and feel comfortable straight away - well then - you have probably missed your calling.

EDITING. most PCs and Macs now have editing programs included. If you cant do it then once again it's time to practice your asking. If you are still stuck, let us know and we can recommend someone.

More info for PC and Mac owners.

SAVE IT! And then upload it… There are a host of free video sites available. Use South Africas own video sharing site - or upload to (better pic quality) or (more traffic) (follow instructions on their sites).

That’s it, you’re now ready to build your crowdfunding page!

Please make sure that you only use ideas, information and images that belong to you. If you are trying to convince your audience that you and your idea is original, then using original ideas and material to do that is a great way to start. Good Luck!!

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