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Wednesday, 29 August 2012 20:59

Crowdfunding tips series #1 - Twice Successful Crowdfunders on the Importance of Video

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The two entrepreneurs behind two successful crowdfunding campaigns on the US based crowdfunding site talks about the importance of using video as part of your crowdfunding campaign if you want to be successful.  

“The video pitch is incredibly important,” says Provost, speaking about format and content. “Above all, your video should be short, personal, and honest.” The idea is to convey your commitment to your project, rather than produce the slickest-looking video on the platform. Focus on the message, not the quick cuts--potential investors will take notice. “Be honest and passionate. Let your potential backers see your excitement and enthusiasm for the project.” The studio believes that despite Kickstarter’s exponential growth, the site’s fundamental value proposition hasn’t changed for smaller businesses. "Even though the huge blockbuster projects tend to get all of the press attention, we think smaller scale projects will still feel right at home on Kickstarter.” In other words, it’s best to be yourself--even if "yourself" is small, lo-fi, and frayed at the edges.

Echoing some of Kickstarter’s recent critics, Provost and Gerhardt urge young designers to propose ideas they’d work to complete even without funding. In other words? Your pitch should come from a genuine place--Kickstarter isn’t a way to get out of a boring office job or fund a vacation. "Don’t make a product because you want to quit your day job (that can be a reason, but not the reason). Don’t make a product because you want to get rich,” they write. “Make something great because you care deeply about it. Make something because you stay awake at night thinking about it. Make something because you feel invigorated when you work on it, and anxious when you don’t."

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