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Monday, 08 October 2012 15:29

How to get funded on StartMe Featured

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You have finally decided to give in to your entrepreneurial ambitions. You know that it’s time to take action on your ideas and one of the first challenges is to find funding for your ideas.

You heard about StartMe on the radio and thought it will be a great place to source funding for your project. So, how do you make the most of your time on StartMe? By inspiring contributors! Let’s look at a few things you can do to ensure that contributors notice your project and contribute to what you are doing.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Treat your time on StartMe like a project within itself You will need o work on your project every single day while it’s running on StartMe to make sure you are creating enough buzz and excitement for people to support your project. Just like a creative project, it requires time and effort and attention to detail. This is all part of making your campaign a success. Successful project creator quickly learns the following about crowdfunding:

1. If you are afraid to ask for help or support - Get over it very quickly. The question here is - What are you prepared to let go f to ensure your campaign is successful? If this is your first project, it can be really intimidating plugging yourself to your friends and colleagues, let alone asking them to support your project financially. Make sure you are able to do so without cringing, stalling or giving up otherwise you significantly decrease your chances of success. Be brave, believe in your idea and be assured that if you know you’re on the right track, people will follow you if you project that.

2. This is the age of being social and social media is there to be used. If you think that going onto Twitter once and a while or occasionally linking your project on Facebook will be good enough then think again. Work on this as its part of your business. Target you social networks every day with updates and news about your project. Tell them what is new; remind them why your project is unique. If it is important for you to get your project funded then this won’t be too difficult

3. What is your crowdfunding marketing plan? In the same way as your business will need a business plan, you need to think of a marketing plan before you start your campaign. If you think of this as a project and have specific actions planned for specific days then then it becomes much earlier. This way you can also see what works better as you may fund that more money is pledged to you after specific actions have been taken.

Remember that there will be other projects on StartMe also trying to attract the funding of visitors to the site. You need to be creative! Now you may start to understand why so many of the successful crowdfunding projects use video. It’s hard to ignore the impact of a good video. Plus it gives you the opportunity to make more of a personal level of contact with your potential funders. - Do you prefer to read a one page project summary or watch quick video? - The same answer will apply to your audience.

4. It’s time to be a little obsessive? Live it, love it, become it. It’s time to BE your project. If you can imagine what you think some of your entrepreneurial role models will be talking about if you met them. If you think of them you probably think of their businesses immediately. A personal role model for me is the late Steve Jobs. It’s hard to imagine him talking about anything else then Apple if you ever had to meet him. The reason for this - He was BEING Apple. He was perhaps a little obsessive about the business. What will it take for you to BE your business?

5. Last but not least: In sport they tell us that’s it’s not over till the whistle goes. Do all you can until you the very last day of your crowdfunding campaign? Commit yourself fully as if your life depends on it. The worst thing that can happen is you don’t reach your target; the best is that you exceed it. So make the most out of the time you have. Do what you can until the very end to ensure you reach that goal amount.

If you are ready to catch your breath then do so as this is exactly what will be required day after day if you are prepared to be GREAT at what you do!
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