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Monday, 05 November 2012 00:00

Crowdfunding Success Series: Elevation Dock

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How many times have you purchased an expensive electronic device only to find out that every accessory made for it was incredibly lacking in quality. The people who came up with the idea for Elevation Dock either had that experience or empathized with people who did a great deal and, to remedy it, they created something that is of as high a quality as the product it is designed to accessorize.

The iPhone is one of the most popular electronic products on the market. Up until the Elevation Dock became available, the vast majority of the docking stations available for the iPhone were very cheap, did not work with cases, and oftentimes had quite a few elements to them that made them a hassle, such as having your iPhone stick in the device when you were trying to take it out or having to push rather hard to get it to dock. The cheap plastic used in their construction did not help iPhone users a bit.

Elevation Dock is a simple idea; it is made out of aluminum, has rubber feet and is designed in proportions that allow it to be used with or without a case. This adds an element of flexibility that was simply not present before it became available. In addition to this, everything else about the product is designed to be of the highest quality possible. Its minimalistic aesthetics make it a suitable choice to go along with the iPhone.

How successful could a person be with a good idea based on products that already exist? Out of a total of $75,000 that was being sought for Elevation Dock, $1,464,706 were actually pledged.

Why It Worked

Elevation Dock hit the mark in several regards. To begin with, it's an accessory for one of the most popular electronic products in the world. When new iPhones come out on the market, it's generally accompanied by a huge number of stories in the media and by long lines at Apple stores. This product taps into that already existing market, which makes it a winner.

In addition to this, the product is manufactured in the same city where the company making it is based and the company emphasizes quality when manufacturing the product. This makes it more than, for lack of a more charitable term, the kind of junk that usually goes along with expensive electronic devices. In and of itself, it's a very high quality product that's suitable for use with another high-quality product, which gives it a lot of appeal.

Take Away Lesson

Crowd funding can be very effective, but you still need a good idea. One of the things that make this product work is that it requires no explanation. Anybody with a smart phone – and that's just about everybody these days – knows what a docking station is and, in addition to that, probably doesn't like theirs very much. Adding a bit of local appeal and a commitment to quality also make a product something that investors can have confidence in. The company also released exclusive finishes for the products that were only available to people who funded it.

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