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Monday, 05 November 2012 00:00

Crowdfunding Success Series: I Draw Comics

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For many artists out there, breaking into the world of comic book illustration is one of their primary dreams. Unfortunately, getting into the world of comic book illustration is also one of the hardest things for an artist to do successfully. To make this easier, a product called I Draw Comics was devised by Matt Marrocco of Chicago, Illinois.

I Draw Comics was originally started on Kickstarter with a funding goal of $10,000. By the time the project closed, it had raised $245,870. The product, despite the tremendous amount of funding it managed to attract is a relatively simple one but is also one that would be eminently useful to people who are trying to break into the comic book world.

I Draw Comics is designed as a combination sketchbook, style guide and templating tool. Aspiring artists can learn about the standard terms and techniques used in comic books to improve what they're able to do in that form. The product also provides them with guides that give them an idea of how to improve their drawing of proportion, perspective and so forth. In addition to this, the templates included in I Draw Comics are made in a color called no photo blue. This allows the artist to draw their pictures on the template and to then scan it into their computer without having any of the guidelines that they used to get the proportions right and to get the other elements of the frame right show up in the finished product.

The product also allows people to look at examples of the conventions used in comic books so that they can imitate them in a way that allows them to adhere to the best of those conventions. At the same time, it does not restrict them in a way that ends up making all of their work essentially a pastiche.

Why It Worked

I Draw Comics has several winning elements to it. First and foremost, it used existing and very popular types of materials in its design. The product comes in the same format as a Moleskein notebook, something that comic book artists have been using for many generations to sketch down their ideas.

The product is also very high quality, which makes it appropriate for those who are drawing on a professional level or for those who want to make certain that it is not their materials that are holding them back from doing so. It also brings together the world of drawing by hand and the world of drawing on a computer. Because hand-drawn images can be scanned into a computer without transferring the template lines, the artist gets to use both techniques to create their works.

Take Away Lesson

I Draw Comics offered a lot of gifts for people who funded the project. These were distributed based on the level of funding received, and the gifts included limited edition versions of the product itself. The product also allowed people who work in a world that is sometimes not addressed with the seriousness it deserves to utilize a very professional tool to master their technique.

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