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Monday, 05 November 2012 00:00

Crowdfunding Success Series: Window Farms

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Window farming is a relatively new idea. It taps into the spirit of environmentalism and people's interest in eating healthier, more natural foods. A window farm is exactly what the name implies. It's a way of growing food right in your window. Window Farms the company produces devices that are designed to make window farming very easy.

Window Farms started out with a goal of $50,000. They ended up receiving over $250,000 from crowd funding.

Why It Worked

Window Farms did quite a lot of things right when they started seeking funding. The crowd funding page includes very attractive pictures of the device and gives a coherent explanation of how they work. This helps people to identify the product as something that they could probably use in their own lives, which makes it easier to envision why people would want to buy them. The product is also advertised in the context of being one that is conducive to community and, given the broad based interest that environmental causes tend to generate, that is most certainly true.

This product is a very real, viable and easy to understand one that people don't have a hard time conceiving of as being useful. After all, being able to grow vegetables in your own home is really quite exciting for people who want their own produce but who simply don't have a yard to grow it in or enough time to learn how to garden and to tend the garden once they learn how.

There's one more important thing that really made this product stand out among the many out there seeking crowd funding. Right in the pitch for crowd funding, Window Farms was able to reference the over 20,000 people who are already using homemade window farms to grow their own produce. Window Farms is simply offering a product that makes that a lot easier to do.

Take Away Lessons

Window Farms really hit the mark were appealing to people for funding is concerned. The funding page contains a breakdown of the product that makes it easy to understand what it is and how it works. It also gives a list of the tremendous variety of plants that can be grown in this way, showing some of the usefulness of the product. In addition to all of this, there is a natural environmental appeal to this product that the company plays up very well in its funding pitch.

Gifts were given away to those who chose to fund the product. The company also went ahead and published the recommended prices for its products on the website, which gives people who are hard-nosed in their investment style figures that they can look at to assess the product that they will be comfortable with.

If you're tapping into the environmental market, be sure to offer appropriate gifts and to help people to understand how your product will help them to help the Earth. If you do this, you tremendously increase your chances of being successful in this competitive market.

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