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Monday, 14 January 2013 10:48

Boosting a Slow Crowdfunding Campaign

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So after the initial excitement of your project and attracting a few promising pledges to your campaign things starts to quiet down a bit. You don’t look at your campaign s often as you initially intended and start realising that maybe this crowdfunding thing is not as easy as I initially thought.

This is exactly the time when you should be doubling your efforts. You have after all been able to convince a few investors already. Some backers may be waiting to see if your project evolves and attract more interest before they take the leap with you. Now id the time to convince them that yours is a project that is worth their interest and support.

So what is it that you can do at this point? Do we just let a few more people know about the campaign and hope for the best? If you are serious about getting your idea of the ground then be creative in the way that you approach this. Running a business is not child’s play and neither is convincing others to back you with their own hard earned money. You showing commitment will make it easier for backers to buy in to your idea.

Here are a few ideas from our side and as mentioned below, be creative and find ways to stand out from the rest.

  • Understand your market – Do a bit more research to understand what people look at when they fund crowdfunding campaigns – look at all the blog articles exploring successful campaigns.

  • Time to add or change your video – If you have not done so yet, add a video abouth your project or change the one you have currently. Videos are there to inspire. Take a look at our blog article here on how to include great video content. -

  • Use Social networks – You are likely to already be part of social networks like Facebook and Twitter – be active here and communicate your project to everyone.

  • Web site – if you have a website, have you included the Startme logo on your site - have you communicated your project clearly on your how page so that those who come to your site and are interested can support your campaign?

  • Stay in touch make sure you’re staying in touch with those who contacted you about your project before, both on the website and off.

  • Other campaigns – Have a look at the successful campaigns on the site and find out what these dd to succeed. Contact the project creators of those campaigns and as for advice, they will normally be more than happy to provide it.

  • Media – The media loves stories about both entrepreneurs and crowdfunding at the moment, its new, its exciting – contact your local newspapers, radio stations etc and get the word out.

  • Don’t be shy to ask – If you really want your campaign to be successful don’t be shy to ask others to make a contribution. Friends, family, clients, your social networks – if you have a great campaign share it with everyone and ask them to make a contribution, however small it may be.

  • Remember to ask us – you’re not doing this on your own. We’re working just as hard to share your project, engage with our community and encourage support. We’re here to help - just ask!
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