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Wednesday, 23 May 2012 22:18

How Crowdfunding Works for New Artists

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History is proof that , although perhaps not in its current form, crowdfuding for artists have been around for a very long time. If you find this difficult to believe, just look at some of the brightest and most talented artists in history. Artists such as Michelangelo, Mozart, and Leonardo Da Vinci have created their greatest masterpieces with the help of their patrons. These patrons were affluent individuals who offered to fund artists for their projects.

Today, it is difficult to find a single individual who will back you up for all your artistic endeavors. In fact, it is difficult to find a person who even has enough money to spare for funding a large project. Even though the system of finding a patron is more or less dead today, artists can still receive the help of others in order to fund their work through crowd funding.

What do I mean by Crowd Funding?

Simply put, crowdfunding is a method of getting contributions from several different people and using the pooled up money to fund your art work. You raise money and receive contributions by using the internet and social networking websites in particular to spread the message of your planned project.

Once you get enough people to contribute the necessary amount, you can start your project. A good example of the use of crowd funding in modern times can be found in the case of Wikipedia. The website, which is owned by the Wikimedia Foundation, is basically run by the contributions of millions of people, and not just in terms of content.

The Foundation has run money contribution drives in order to collect money for the upkeep of their server, and they have successfully raised millions of dollars in the process. They did so by spreading their message across the internet, and collecting funds as low as $10 from each person. There are several other cases of artists receiving money from a broad base of contributors instead of just some large funding sources.

Is it difficult to get crowdfunding?

The simple answer to this question is ‘yes’, but it is not impossible. In fact, the process of raising money through crowdfunding has been made easier thanks to the presence of social networking websites as well as dedicated crowdfunding websites. The latter offers a platform on which you can share your vision with a huge audience and can encourage them to support you and your work. You can provide an overview of your project and share information such as the capital required for the project, where the money will go, and some examples of your artistic abilities. You can also provide an incentive or reward to the supporters of your project.

As an artist, you can reach out to your network of supporters and contributors through social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, as well as your own blog website and, of course, emails. Even if they are not ready to invest in money for your project, you can ask them to spread word about your project through their own network of contacts. By doing so, you may find more people who would be excited about your project and ready to donate some money or do their bit for you. All the donations and contributions you received can be pooled until you get the necessary funding. In this way, you get the necessary capital required for your project, and you also get to maintain the complete ownership of your work.

If you are looking to start crowdfunding for your art project, you should approach a good South Africa-based crowdfunding website. Such websites use different ways to help artists to get the necessary funds needed for their projects. Before you begin crowdfunding, make sure that you learn all you can about the process.

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