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A cattle farmer in Southern Limpopo utilizes crowdfunding to aid in pre-selling his beef. He has found it to be a way to re-grow his herd after the mad cow epidemic. This is just one indicator why business finance is morphing from the old ways to more creative ones.

At one time, crowdfunding was simply a vehicle for movie makers or artists to fund their projects, and then as if a revelation occurred, the trend caught on and many others began to seek project funding in this way.

A positive result to come from global economic woes is the general understanding that banks aren't as powerful as people once thought they were. Many big names in finance are no more, and it is evident that changes in banking have only made it more difficult to arrange loans with the remaining institutions.

Business finance through banks has always operated under the concept that the person with money was the only one who could borrow money. There was a phase when the lenders were more lenient with credit and looked the other way regarding some business finance situations that were questionable. Those days are in the past and it is unlikely that they will return.

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