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So you have taken the plunge and added your crowdfunding project to StartMe. You've come up with a few great prizes, added video and images to your project and even thought carefully about the wording of your campaign. You now start waiting for the contributions to start flooding in and nothing happens. You’ve checked the campaign quite a few times and its definitely live there on the website, so what is the holdup? Why didn’t yours make it when you’ve heard people making thousands of Rands in their campaigns?

The truth is that it takes time and dedication, but more importantly, strategic planning to have a successful campaign.

To get you started, here are 5 key tips to get the money flowing in your crowdfunding campaign:

1. Build a dedicated fan base beforehand

I want you to be real with me: every time you speak to your fans via social media or your newsletter, is your dialogue consistently, “Retweet this,” “Buy this,” “Come to my show,” “Support me here,”? Me, me, me. - Make sure you are engaging with your fan base not just asking asking asking.

Few relationships based on take, take, take from one party ever succeed.

The key ingredient to a successful crowdfunding campaign is having a dedicated bunch of fans that will truly promote anything you’re doing — we’ve seen that happen in the recent Arch Reactor project. But if you think you can start building your mailing list the day before you launch your project, you’re wrong.

You need to build your list months before your campaign can really take off! With a dedicated fan base, you can create a buzz about your upcoming project and have a better chance of making it go viral.

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Ask and thou shall receive. Within this simple idea lies the essence of crowdfunding. We re use t ask family and sometimes friends for advice, favours and sometimes cash and crowd funding has taken this last idea much further. If you are starting a business or creative project and don’t mind giving something in return to those willing to help you get started then crowdfunding is for you.

So where do you start? Well you have actually already started by finding Startme, the South African crowdfunding portal everyone is talking about. Now all you have to do is get your idea and promotional material in order, post your opportunity or project and wait for the funds to start coming in.

The basics of crowdfunding are simple: get a lot of people to each give you a small amount of money, until like a mountain stream filling with melting snow it becomes a torrent of cash. The trick is melting the first bit of snow and starting the stream. In the mountains, spring comes naturally. In crowdfunding, nothing comes naturally and it is all work and persuasion.

You, as a project creator, have developed a great project that everyone you meet agrees is fantastic. The next big step is listing your project and starting to collect the funds.

Published in SA Crowd Funding Blog

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