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It is little wonder that art funding is one of the first areas to get the axe when government budgets are tight. Throughout history, necessities have taken precedence over art and entertainment. Dependence on the large benefactor, which has sustained the art world over the centuries, is proving to be less of a factor than in times past.

Struggling artists have always searched for benefactors to support them while they pursuit their art, but that usually only works when an artist has some amount of reputation. Art funding for the unknown artist is difficult through normal channels. For this reason, crowdfunding was a natural choice in the art world long before it was popular for business.

Have a Web Presence
Any artist in need of support should establish a web presence so their talents can be seen. So many simple templates can be used for websites that anyone who is willing to learn can establish a workable site quickly. The true artist will add some personal touches that reflect their creative style.

Building a website does not mean people will automatically come to it. There is little chance of receiving art funding until some traffic is generated to the website. This is an area where many artists come up short. Word of mouth might not be the best way to get people to a website, but it is a start. Through emails, social media networking, article marketing, and other promotional strategies, an artist can bring in the public.

Successfully getting art funding by way of a website requires some work, but much of the site's operation can be automatic once it is properly set up. Here are some important points to keep in mind when building a web page.

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