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When creating your project on StartMe you need to keep the following in mind:

Your project is in competition with other projects on the site for the contribution of visitors. You need to create a well thought through project proposal here or your project will go un-noticed. The investor wants to know - What is the project about. What makes this project special/unique and of course - what are the incentives that makes this an irresistible investment for me. It seems to be important that you explain the project fairly specifically in one or two sentences right from the start.

Have a look at this example on Kickstarter. This project has raised double its goal amount- look at the layout of their proposal:

  • Catchy Headline - This is what visitors will see when they scroll through the projects
  • Image or video of your product, service, movie or whichever else. - Images are far more powerful in getting people to act in comparison to words. Internet browsers will very seldom read your long pieces of text unless they are already interested.
  • How do I get them interested? - See the two points above.
  • Next: A reason to believe - Something like - As seen at the Gauteng Start-up Exhibition or Grahamstown National Arts Festival - or already part funded by one main investor etc.
  • Product or service description in one or two sentences - talk about the benefits of this product, what it does and why people would want to buy it.
  • What is Blue Widget
  • How can you use it
  • How Blue Widget compares
  • What makes Blue Widget different
  • What have we done so far
  • Specifications (if appropriate)

More information can be found at - and add your website etc here

That’s the just of it. To many project creator think they can take 5 minutes to create a quick proposal and the money will start flowing in. The bad news is that you are going to have to work a little harder to attract the money you need. The good news is that working through the points above will not only make you think through your project in more detail, but may just result in you getting the investment you need.

If you want more specific support with your project or want us to send you some feedback, click on the Green support button on the right hand side of this page and get in contact.

Best of luck!

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