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Monday, 17 December 2012 21:52

Marketing Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Being proactive in spreading the word about your crowdfunding campaign is essential. In fact this process is great as a taster of what creating and marketing your business will be all about. You may have the best crowdfunding campaign in the world, if no one knows about it, it will remain a secret. Creating marketing campaign both on and offline is the next step. The more you put into it the better your chances of gaining the trust and respect from potential funders will be.

As with everything, the outcome will depend on what you put into it. How far re you prepared to go to ensure you reach your funding goal? The reason why there are far more business failures than successes is the same reason there are far more unsuccessful crowdfunding campaigns in comparison with successful campaigns. It takes, planning, hard work, commitment, networking and a little bit of luck.

How committed are you to this project?

If you are prepared to do what it takes then read on.
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These are tips that work as we have seen the most successful crowdfunding campaigns so far use exactly what I’m recommending here. Don’t expect to post your idea and see the money rolling in. You need to be proactive in the process. If investors see you are serious about your campaign by promoting it they too will find it easier to invest in you.

1. You need to start off this campaign with the people that care about you the most.  Before you can get strangers to donate to your crowdfunding campaign they are going to want to see at least 30-40%   of donations already made by your friends and family.  You can start off by just going through your personal email list and asking them to watch your video.  Get your crowdfunding campaign rolling with donations from people that already trust you.  Once this happens then you will seem more “real” and not just a scam artist and strangers will feel better about donating to your cause.

2.  Send an email out to all of your friends and family that includes a link to your project. Explain to them what you are doing, why you are doing it and how they can help. You may also want to explain what CrowdFunding is, just in case they are not familiar with the term or how it works. Be sure to ask them to SHARE your email with their own networks.

3. Social media is a great way to utilize the web at no cost. If you don’t have profiles on the main platforms )Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest) set them up ASAP. Start by posting your project on your personal Facebook profile for all your friends to see. Create strong text to post with your project explaining what you are doing and how they can help. Continually post updates on time left for funding, how much you have raised so far, updates on progress etc.

4. Post updates about your project on other social media sites like Twitter & Google+.

Published in SA Crowd Funding Blog

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