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aMan Bloom

aMan Bloom

GOOD NEWS!!! (Go to Facebook group STRANDED to read the proposal):

Nov 24 to me
Dear aMan
Thank you for your patience while we reviewed your proposal.

Whilst we are all very excited about this proposal, regrettably largely due to constraints on our current funding, we will not be able to realise this project for next year’s festival. However, we do recognise the merits of this proposal and in particularly the manner in which you are proposing to pool together the skills-base of a large number of Grahamstown’s artists. The Festival celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2014. I am keen to move this proposal to our 2014 folder and to engage you around some aspects of the proposal which our team would like to refine together with you so that we consider realising this project for the 2014 Festival.

Kind regards.
Ismail Mahomed
Artistic Director
National Arts Festival
vingto aymond

vingto aymond

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