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If anyone would like to leave a message for Chantell, please do so here! All words of encouragement welcome!!!!

Discussion started by Angela Kelleher , on 595 days ago
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Saoirse Rose
R300 from Chanette, Tom & Jenna.
582 days ago
Angela Kelleher
Thanks everyone for contributing and sharing!
R14k to raise.
Great news received today. Chantell’s results from blood marker tests have dropped from 195 to 164 after a few weeks of intensive treatment. 120 is the goal.
A couple of more months of this, our special friend should be back to the status of annoying and exasperating.
So much love and appreciation to everyone who has contributed towards Chantell’s treatments.
585 days ago
Superlative Incentives
Sending you BIG HUGE LOVE!!!! You can do this!!! Love from the Superinc Team xxxx
588 days ago
Rudy Gopaul
Chantell, you're a great person with an amazing spirit! I know that you'll be victorious over this battle! You've achieved so much already. You've got this! Lets catchup when I visit SA again next year.
589 days ago
Saoirse Rose
Another R300 from Aunty Sas. Mommy owed Sas money for the beautiful books they buy from Saints animal charity, so Sas kindly said to donate to this fundraiser instead.
Don't you love how well I can write at 27 months!!!
589 days ago
Peter Menadue
Hi Chantell - sending positive vibes from Aus - Keep going! Pete
590 days ago
Chantell you are an amazing human! Keep fighting and your incredible positive attitude! Dan and Carla
592 days ago
I have not known you for that long and have not had the pleasure of spending all that much time with you either :o( but I can tell you this much, in the time that I have spent with you I have come to love you and every time we see each other it feels like we have known each other for everrrrr :o) So best you get yur little ass better so we can spend MORE and MORE time together

I Love you LONG time my friend.... XXXXX
593 days ago
Saoirse Rose
Dearest Chantell. R1000 from all of us. We love you so much and hope you get better fast.
Maggi, Dave, Christopher & Olivia
593 days ago
Saoirse Rose
Hi Chantell. R100 from me. Thank you for always being the best god mommy and aunt to my favourite child. Get better fast. We miss you. Lots of love. Cynthia.
593 days ago
Big Loves Madam! You got this!
593 days ago
Heidi Blaschke
Message from Bronwyn Vokes - Keep Fighting my little warrior! Together we can do this - Love Bron
593 days ago
Lesley McGuigan
So much of love for you Tarty. You are positive. You are strong. You got this! xoxoxoxoxo
594 days ago
594 days ago
Paul Waugh
Hey Chantell,

You are such a positive person and I am sending you positive vibes all the way over here in Texas!

594 days ago
Heidi Blaschke
Dearest Char - Keep Positive, What you think is what you believe and what you believe will Happen - Keep Fighting, God created a very special Angel with you and you are destined for great things to come - I Pray that God gives you the strength to fight with all your might! The BeefCakes cuties are waiting :)
594 days ago
Dearest Chantell - Pete and I have learned so much from you - your strength and determination. We love you lots - special message from Pete - drink that terrible tasting tea and get better so that you can get back to your old self and party again with all of us :) :)
595 days ago
Sarah Davies
Behind you all the way Chantell - sending you heaps of love and doing a little feisty rock-star dance for you from miles away. xxxx
595 days ago
Saoirse Rose
To My Darling Godmother Chantell
For 27 months you have given me all the love and encouragement a little girl could ever ask for.
Get better fast! Guns blazing all the way for you!!!
Love you to the moon and back.
Saoirse Rose
595 days ago
Saskia Williams
You can do this Chants, we are all 1000% behind you xx
595 days ago

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