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that is the idea, the unit will be used to power the property / shop / business from the Turbine and the batteries would be there for back up when there is no power from the grid. This solution is a Grid Tie in solution. thanks you for the question, I am excited that the target I have set is such that I think I will achieve it. Where we are now is that we have the final technical scheamtics / CAD drawings of the finished unit, this is after 2 years of prototype building and testing, we are going to use these drawings to oursource some of the aspects of the unit. I have a plan to have this final version built and blowing int he wind by Novemeber, we will then make use of a video and have this posted and try to get it go viral with the help of some clever marketing. I will keep you updated as I have anew website going live shortly
Started by Keith.
Hi Anton, thanks for the info and the support, I will put some ideas down and get back to you int eh morning, thank you very much for the support. I will get back to you tomorrow regarding the domain,website and details thanks
Started by Anton.

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