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my massage buisness and grooming
Thursday, 08 February 2018
Project Admins:
would love to open my own massage business.

Hi,my name is Calvin.i am 31 years old.I stay in krugersdorp.I left school in std 6,due to my father not paying my school fees.I went to Jan De Klerk in krugersdorp.Life was a struggle.I made the best of it.I never gave up.

I would like to start my massage and grooming business.

I have seen a gap in the market for this,as many men would like massages done but embarrassed to visit a female.

I have the skills,difficult to get the funds to start this.I am a hard worker and self motivated.I have had many set backs in life,but won't let then get me down.

The business will be krugersdorp.I will also travel to those who are disabled and cannot make it to me.

I am passionate about this and will put my all into it.I really wanna do something with my life and show that no matter what you can become something.

The funding will go towards:

a new portable massage bed.

advertising and website.


I thank you for taking the time to read this and appreciate it.

Have a great day.




Our Passion

I am very passionate about massaging as it rejuvenates the body.
I would also like to work with disabled people who can't make it to me and manage their pain,this will be done free of charge,as i wanna give back,no matter how small.

Funding will be used for

1.A new venue(rent).Im looking more for a private residence with business rights.
2.A brand new massage bed that is portable.
3.Funds will also be spent on a new website and also advertising.

More about our Project

This project has been in my mind for so long.Every day is a struggle,but i don't let it get me down.

We can also help you out on

Any support will help and i would appreciate it a lot.

The Team

  • calvin
    Project Owner
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