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Wednesday, 03 October 2012
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I LOVE RSA® bags are colourful and the designs and details are unique, they represent South Africa being a rainbow nation and a celebration of what we have achieved. South Africa has given so much to all of us I believe it is time for us to give back. When you purchase an I LOVE RSA® bag you are doing just that because a percentage of my sale is passed on to TAFTA – The Association for the Aged in Kwa-Zulu Natal www.tafta.org.za to assist in the wellbeing and care of the elderly. By clicking on this link you can make a donation online.


The I LOVE RSA® bags are manufactured locally in Kwa-Zulu Natal and the manufacturing standards are high; this makes the bags long lasting and more than just a passing trend hence the demand. Where possible organic materials and sustainable resources are used, no printing takes place as all details are appliqué utilising material and fabric off cuts, this adds a personal touch and reduces wastage.


The bags are statement pieces that work in the local market, the tourist market and the international market; they are designed to create a positive impact and to provoke a sense of humour in both the wearer and onlooker. These bags are helping me achieve the purpose of I LOVE RSA®.


The purpose of I LOVE RSA® is to make a positive change in the fashion manufacturing industry in South Africa. It is a sector where we have high unemployment, minimal skills training and the exports of fashion products is almost non-existent, yet we have access to a work force with experience in this field and a large unemployment sector which can learn the skill. I LOVE RSA® wants to change this by assisting with skills training in fashion manufacture, and in developing products of high quality that are cost effective and able to compete in the global fashion retail market . I took on this task in 2011 by setting up and running a skills training programme at the TAFTA Amaoti Community centre in Inanda KZN. I had a group of 10 unemployed males and females who were interested in learning about fashion manufacturing and had no experience or skills in it. I taught from the basics which was hand stitching through to pattern making and machine sewing with the focus being on bags, in 6 weeks they were able to construct and machine sew basic sling bags, shoppers and pencil cases. My reward was watching how quickly they progressed due to their enthusiasm and determination, the biggest was seeing how their confidence grew within themselves. Motivation and assistance will change a person’s life for the better, that is how I got to where I am and this is what I want to and can give back.


From November 2012 I LOVE RSA® will be retailing through Trevz www.trevz.co.za, I heart Market in Durban and at Africa Ignite tourist shops in Isandlwana, Rorke Drift and the uShaka airport.


Please visit my Facebook page I LOVE RSA® www.facebook.com/iloversa.



Why Funding is needed


I have been supporting I LOVE RSA® myself and I do not have the finances or the infrastructure to expand and meet the demand that has grown for the bags over the last 10 months. Currently I am operating with 1 machine, 1 machinist and myself. We cannot handle quantities larger than 30 units a month; I also have to work around my machinist schedule because we are operating from her home. To expand I need to find premises that is central, employ 2 machinists, purchase more equipment such as industrial sewing machines and over locker as well as cutting tables, shelving and the other odds and ends that will be needed in the factory. For the  office I will need a laptop, printer and scanner, furniture and internet setup, I also need to have my website redesigned to make a stronger impact and offer online shopping, last but not least I need to buy a car as I have none. With this funding I will be able to meet the demand, expand product range, broaden my customer and retail base which in turn will increase turnover and allow for further growth of the business and most importantly strengthen the purpose of I LOVE RSA®.








The Team

  • Edward Berridge
    Project Owner
Tuesday, 30 October 2012 by Edward Berridge

The target of R6000 has been reached and the funds will be used to upgrade the I LOVE RSA website which will go online 1 December. Thank you to all who invested in me and my project.



Edward Berridge

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Date: Saturday, 20 October 2012


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