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Yoga*Man Phase I
Friday, 18 January 2013
Project Admins:

As a male yoga teacher, I understand your frustration with the lack of men's wear dedicated to the purpose of practicing yoga.  Even one of my own beloved teachers is the CEO of an international brand of yoga clothing for WOMAN only!

What's out there is great for a game of touch rugby or squash but not so much in Marichyasana, right?

Like you I'm looking for a combination of functionality, comfort and style; a "second skin" to practice yoga in as well as a casual outfit to head out and run a few errands or even travel in.

We have sourced 100% cotton from a manufacturer right here in Cape Town, where we're based, to ensure that your clothing is friendly to the environment, breathes through all seasons and is a pleasure to wear.

Local talent is responsible for the designs and patterns which emphasize aesthetic appeal, and functionality through simplicity.

To start off with we have settled on three basic colours that are practical, interchangeable and won't draw too much unnecessary attention and be a distraction in a class. Our first range will be Black, Grey and Navy Blue.

The clothing will also have no buttons, zips or sewn-on labels for emphasis on comfort and functionality.

Subtle variances in cutting as well as silk screening will add interest and a bit of detailing to each garment.


Phase I: To kick start the process we have to have the Master Patterns drawn up and Graded for each of the available sizes.  We currently have eight patterns that we're working on for the first range, four tops and four bottoms.  Each garment will be available in three sizes (S, M, and L). These will cover the full range of waistlines from size 28 to 40 due to the type of stretch fabric we will use.

 Our project will be complete in a four Phase process.

Phase I: Pattern-making

Phase II: Branding, Sampling & Quality Assessment

Phase III: Production

Phase IV: Marketing

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Graham Craig

Contribution: R 2500

Date: Thursday, 31 January 2013

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