Recycling of Lead Acid Batteries in Car, Truck and Other uses

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Recycling of Lead Acid Batteries in Car, Truck and Other uses
Saturday, 21 July 2012
Project Admins:

 All lead acid batteries for cars, golf carts, trucks, marine, medical and other company usage can be recycled and re-used. I currently cannot keep up with the demand from my clientèle as it takes time to re-fix a typical battery. For example, I cut the plastic off to get to the inside of the battery and rebuilds the clogged plates. Then I use my two gas bottles to make the battery posts (positve and negative) nice and neat again using my iron moulds. All this cost me quite some, just for one battery, truck or car or motorbike size. Then by researching for better tools and materials I found a website called I contacted them by phone and enquired about their new technology to help keep up with my client demand. I investigated further on their product that sounded to good to be true for recycling without opening a battery, which after-all is a small chemical plant and if you do not know what u are doing and load test it wrong, these batteries swell up or worse, they burst like a little bomb. I bought a recycled second hand battery from them and they even gave me a 6 months warranty on it. Since then up to now it has been two years and 5 months. For me the trial is over, because now I want their product and tools and I am certain and confident that I can keep up with my clients and sell it for cheaper because it is less feasible to recycle. What worried me was 'that' maintenance free batteries. I can recycled them too now. The tools and training is provided by them. They die because of mechanical failure and their electrolyte takes longer to dry up, but they still die eventually.

What makes me happy is that electrical cars is on their way like the hybrids and will be in full swing and a "Forklift" battery is a good start to prop myself to recycled and re-use these batteries and sell it at half price, taking labour and feasibility costs into consideration first.

 What is a Battery – Why Batteries die…A battery is a small chemical plant that stores energy in the plates. Lead acid batteries are chemically charged with a solution of sulfuric acid and distilled water. This solution is called “Electrolyte”. The sulfuric acid enters the clean pores of the plates causing a normal chemical action.

When a battery is discharged, the lead active material of the positive plates combines with the sulphate in the sulfuric acid forming lead sulphate (crystallized state). When the battery is charged, the sulphate returns into the electrolyte (liquid state) and the cycle continues until a problem begins to evolve. The number one reason that mechanically sound batteries fail is that over time, lead sulphate crystals turn abnormally hard and clog the plates. This is a natural by-product of a battery operation and sooner or later it will kill a battery. Sulfuric acid cannot enter the pores and the battery starves to death.

  Around 75% of all lead acid batteries have stopped working prematurely due to the accumulation of lead sulphate crystals on the plates. The remaining 25% have stopped due to mechanical failures.—By simply adding a small amount of ProBat, non-acidic chemical developed by ProTec International, Inc. and connecting the battery to a specially designed charger, you can turn dead batteries back into fully functioning batteries that you can sell with a warranty .

ProBat dissolves the hard crystallized sulphate on the plates allowing it return into the electrolyte, re-asstablishing the batteries normal function. ProBat is not available to anyone, it is exclusive only to a Battery-Specialist (Battery-Doctor / Battery-Chemist-B.C.). 

Beyond transportation (bumper to bumper opportunity), lead acid batteries are used to: 1) power communication systems; 2) back up critical emergency equipment; 3) provide power in remote locations.

Batter sale and services .. Whether you are a company that purchases large quantity of batteries annually, a small company focused on reducing your battery costs, a local business interested in reselling B.C. brand batteries or a consumer looking for a great battery, Battery Doctors or Chemist can offer you professional high quality and dependable batteries at a fraction of the cost. By purchasing a BC battery from me, you can save up to 60% and still receive an industry leading full replacement warranty. I also plan to run a strategic alliance program where local merchants resell BC brand batteries. Local auto repair shops, parts stores, gas stations, RV centers and many other types of clientel.

As the business grow and expand, common services I plan to engage will be: Onsite battery reconditioning; Battery maintenance programs; Industrial reconditioning and management; Roadside assistance; Old battery removal; Preventative battery maintenance and storage; Extended warranties; You ring – we bring -100km radius covered; Extended warranties; Battery life extender program.

I need funding to start the recycling of batteries of these two natures, cause I wish to also prepare myself for electric cars before it comes into full swing. Im going to recycle them and want to be one of the first.


This project works for all lead acid batteries, normal and maintenace free batteries, for cars truck and other company users on a daily basis. I need R23500 capital to fund my project. I am very passionate and did everything from registering to business plans. I even have the supplier ready to drop off their dead batteries - ready for me to pic them and recycle them. My tools and product for batteries, including the two cars, computer, and business cards that has already been invested. I ran a small muffin business just to see train myself on cashflow and sustainability among other things.  

 I did some marketing to see and observe that there is already a huge clientel.

Realise how big this is and be apart of something great. Clue in on the following: "Forklifts need their huge batteries replaced, but can also be recycled and re-used... now imagine how expensive the electric cars would be if someone wants to replace the battery... It can also be  recycled and re-used. Pleas go bottom of this page..


Pls see  page below...

START-UP RUNNING COSTS                      
Business Purchase             17000       56000   56000
Business asset Capital Injection (Net Purchases)                    
Direct cost (Direct material plus labour) / Primary Costs                    
Scrap batteries - material           1 500       4500   800
Petrol allowance - labour           2 000       2000   900
Business Overhead cost (Indirect Costs)                    
Tools equipment             0       800   0
Copier / printer refill ink           200       0   0
Digital safe             300       0   0
Depreciation (Promotion / Showroom)                      
Banner flag & Stand                0       500   400
Battery Stickers & Brochures (incl.)                0       1000   1000
Business cards (incl.)                  0       0   0
Adverts               500       500   500
Vehicle wrap             2 000       800   500
Vehicle Prep & Maintenance                 0       5000   4500
Gazebo / Table / Chairs - Foldable         1 400       1000   1000
Net Asset To Business                        
EPA training & travel           800       0   0
Towbar & Trailer                 0       6000   0
Battery shelf x1             600       200   400
TOTAL START-UP COST           25 800       78300   66000
Indirect costs >> Not busy in actual product >> Nessasary for operations                
Fixed costs = Overhead Costs + Admin costs                    
Total Production Costs = Overhead Costs + Direct Costs                  

The Team

  • Bertil
    Project Owner
Tuesday, 16 October 2012 by Bertil

Good day

I sold one of my 2 cars and are R3400 short.

Help me start before the year ends.

Kind regards,


Wednesday, 01 August 2012 by Bertil


Contribution: R 2000

Date: Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Graham Craig

Contribution: R 800

Date: Tuesday, 16 October 2012

abdul kadir bawa

Contribution: R 400

Date: Tuesday, 02 October 2012

Paul Warner Dobson

Contribution: R 100

Date: Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Barry T. Fryer Dudley

Contribution: R 100

Date: Sunday, 14 October 2012

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