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Help Levi have an MRI
Tuesday, 20 December 2016
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Raising funds to Help Levi with an MRI

On 12 December 2013 I adopted my Gorgeous Baby Levi from Tears after loosing another Husky i had my heart set on but the Universe had other plans. He was 7 months old at the time. For 2014 Levi went Mushing 4 times a week with a group called Mush it Up, my boy ran approximately 10ks per day and was exceptionally fit, such a proud Mom when he was moved to being wheel dog on the sled and building all that muscle.

In December 2014 Levi started suddenly having seizures which I suspect were caused due to an encounter with a Leopard Toad Frog. I spent 6 hours parked outside Belmont in tears while Levi fought for his life. He went from one extreme to the next and i was eventually forced to leave him at the Clinic. We found the Leopard Toad in the yard the next day in the same area Levi had had his 1st Seizure. After countless treatments by the vets my boy was active and clawing and howling so I was asked to collect him, he was finally stable. I spent 48 hours in a heap of tears because he was so close to deaths door. I was certain my boy was going to die.

Levi has been treated by Tears and Belmont for his seizures over the past year and both places have been exceptional in their care for my precious baby. They diagnosed him with Epilepsy/Grand Mal Seizures..

I've been searching for a year for natural remedies to prolong my babies life span because Lethyl can have side affects over a long period of time and i wanted to preserve my babies life and ensure he was as healthy as possible even with the seizures. So 4 weeks ago I heard about using Cannabis oil to treat Seizures and various other ailments in humans and their furbabies alike so I started doing some research and making contact with people for the Cannabis oil. 3 weeks ago I made the devistating choice to take my boy off the Phenobarbital (Lethyl) and Potassium Bromide and started giving him a mixture of Cannabis and Coconut Oil. He responded very well to the Cannabis mixture and started becoming perky, playful and returning to his old self. Thrivational i found a natural remedy to heal my babies body.
Last week Sunday he had another mild seizure so we changed the mixture to an Alcohol based mixture so that it could get into his system faster and therefore work quicker in repairing any damages within Levi's body. Unfortunately within 5 minutes of giving him the new mixture he started having seizures again so i stopped the Cannabis mixture completely and put him back onto the Phenobarbital (Lethyl) and Potassium Bromide. Oh my God what have I done, 30 seizures within a 72 hour period, my mind is spiraling, i cannot sleep, i need to watch him all the time to make sure he doesn't have another seizure. I've beaten myself up, I blame myself for trying to go the natural route. What if I've caused serious damage to my baby??

There were no vets available to assist me at the time and with a pinched nerve in my back from picking my boy up and carrying him inside to safety after yet another seizure I was not able to pick Levi up to get him in the car and take him to Tears as requested. I called Tears on Wednesday and they made an appointment to see him at 3.30pm. I broke down into a million pieces on Wednesday whilst waiting to go to Tears, i was convinced they were going to advise i PTS my baby because the seizures had cause too much brain damage that was now irreparable. Again, Tears have been awesome and always willing to help where and when they could.

My baby is FINALLY stable now and has not had a seizure since Tuesday however he is not himself. He is constantly agitated and paces for hours on end. I've been sleeping on the couch for the past week to ensure I am by his side 24/7. He does not recognize me or his name and he seems to be in a frenzy 24/7 , he's bitten me and scratched my arm to shreds but I know he's not himself at the moment. My baby wouldn't harm a fly let alone his mommy. The agitation starts shortly after his prescribed meds are given and last for hours. Levi does not respond well to Diazapam as he becomes even from frantic and Hyperactive. My goal is to get Levi seen by an animal brain specialist with the help of Tears and sponsors so that he can have full blood tests and an MRI performed. I desperately need to get to the bottom of what is causing my baby boy to have seizures.. I would greatly appreciate all the help, advise from anyone with a similar experience and any donations towards vet bills(new and old, dietry food and medication)so that I can make this happen for Levi. .. Just look at the bond we had/have... all I want is to have my boy back.. Love Light and Blessing Raven and Levi..

Our Passion

Levi is my world, he has an amazing nature and deserves to have the MRI and blood testes done to ensure we are treating him for the right reasons.

Funding will be used for

All funds raised will be used to pay Levi's veterinarian bills, medication and dietary foods if they are needed. Any funds in excess will be donated to the Animal Rescue Organisazion where i originally adopted Levi from.

More about our Project

Managing to get Levi assessed by an animal brain specialist will ensure that he has been diagnosed correctly and it will help to ensure that I am doing the right thing for Levi and that he is being treated 100% correctly!

We can also help you out on

Spread the word and share with as many people as possible. The more we share the better the reality of Levi getting the care he needs. 100 people donating just R100 would enable this dream to become a reality.. Help me help Levi please.. He is not just a dog, he is my child, my family and a big part of my life..

The Team

  • Raven Feather Flack
    Project Owner
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