Mon Petite Paris Coffee Shop

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200 Persons award coffee/tea with health sandwich snack

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Mon Petite Paris Coffee Shop
Sunday, 08 January 2017
Project Admins:
Mon Petite Paris is a small coffee shop and restau

Mon Petite Paris is a French concept coffee shop with the full French theme. Music, food, wine, pastries, bread and coffee/tea. The location of the coffee shop will be on the Campus of NWU Potchefstroom. With the relaxed vibe and soft French music will make it the perfect spot for any student, lecturer or even professors to grab an early coffee and breakfast, or just have a rest after class and enjoy some of the best sandwiches and pastries with world class coffee. And for the evening friends and family can wine and dine with soft music and candle light while dance on slow French music while our French dressed waiters/waitresses will serve you with a smile. 

Our Passion

With my love for coffee and good food, and with my passion for French traditions and culture makes me very passionate and positive about my new project.

Funding will be used for

Two hundred and fifty thousand rand (R250 000) will be used on building, tables and chairs, cutlery sets, cups, saucers, tea sets and plates. Coffee machine, coffee roaster, oven, bread baker and microwave and fridges and refrigerator.
Two hundred thousand rand(R200 000) will be use for buying stock, management fee, salaries.
Fifty thousand rand (R50 000) capital for unexpected expenses.

More about our Project

I am currently a 4th year student in education sciences, and everyday I see the need for something new and exciting. Something that will give NWU Potchefstroom the unique atmosphere of relaxing after and before classes and examinations.

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The Team

  • Johan
    Project Owner
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