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Khala Corporation Start up
Wednesday, 01 February 2017
Project Admins:

Khala Corporation is a social gaming and comic dis


Khala Corporation is a social gaming and comic distribution company which facilitates that function by means of Local Area Networks and comic distribution by online and paperback publication.

but that is what the company does it is not why we have created it. Khala corp is our means to create the dream

There is a dream that is Khala Corp. A dream where everyone can become and demonstrate, in a healthy expression, who they really are. A dream to ignite the dreams of others, that by our actions witnessed and our deeds heard, all ladies and gentlemen, and our brothers, sisters, of the arts would realize and confess within themselves that they are meant for greatness as well.

A dream that inspires each one of us to be a part of the solutions of this world. Create a movement where people love their oddities, declare their uniqueness, love their jobs, make playing their work, realize their purpose and know with all certainty that what they do and who they are makes a difference.

A dream where everyone awakes with the fires of passion in their eyes and unbridled hope in their hearts.


We are Khala Corporation and we are here to realize the hope of humanity in humanity. And with that aim in mind we are now ready to launch, we have the Product and the team we just need the funds to get things started. that includes giving over 300 people jobs, be bread winners and create a legasy in their homes

Our primary product is War Angel StM a story about a Boy named Lesiba who becomes inherits the sword of the Archangel saint Michael. With his friends as support he now embarks to uphold the charge of the Saints, which is to protect mankind and defend the hope that is the world.

Please view our art work on our Facebook page and on all other social media


Our Passion

I've always had a deep love for gaming,comics and manga and I've always loved to draw. its is my greatest desire to use my gift to make the world a better place and with this company I believe i have found the way to do it. because ultimately Khala Corporation is made for guys like me and you.
Khala Corporation is for the kid who stayed up till two in the morning watching anime on his or her pc, it’s Corporation for the otaku who can point the different drawing styles between Masashi Kishomoto, Akira toriyama and tite kubo

The tertiary student why argues till his/her ears turn red because they believe that Marvel is better that DC (or vice versa). The “nerd” who knows the difference between shounen and shojo manga. The “popular” kid who knows the difference of the before mentioned manga but won’t let anyone know lest he be branded a “nerd”.

To the hundreds of people who practically know Japanese because they love anime so much they downloaded the episodes raw, for the man or woman who knows he or she is way too old for cartoons but watches them anyway and the office clerk or accountant who jumps at the invite to a cos play party.

Its for the Ones who would partake in the Reunion, who would get giddy when they heard "finish him!", who would give their lives for Aiur, who would rebel against the Empire, who would know what Qapla means and who would pride in the happy memories of playing Mario brothers with theIr family

And lastly to Khala Corporation is for the child within all of us who loved the adventure, reveled in the epic, dreampt of finally meeting their super hero, spent hours with their friends drawing on their maths books what they hoped would one day be their own comic.

If you found any familiarity in any of the mentioned individuals then Khala Corporation, exist, lives and functions solely for you.

Funding will be used for

We need funds for two industrial Printers. A Disk Printer, various office supplies (including tables and chairs) software development, legal costs and a work-space. we also need to find and pay for the People who would serve as the admin staff, editorial staff sales and marketing divisions. you will be able to view my progress on YouTube as i will be vlogging all my activities to see if me following through what i say do here

More about our Project

we also want to publish your comic or manga idea. If you have the talent and want to demonstrate you skill though this medium we encourage you to contact us. We would be happy to make your dream a reality for you

We can also help you out on

you can volunteer your time to help us we can never turn anyone back, you can spread the word to your friends or family. let them see what we are about, ultimately we need 10 000 people to pledge R100 and we are sorted, you are just as important as the those who can afford to contribute.

The Team

  • Tebello
    Project Owner
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Date: Monday, 17 April 2017


Contribution: R 5

Date: Monday, 06 February 2017

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