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Kiandra's Fencing (Private)

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Kiandra's Fencing
Wednesday, 08 February 2017
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I need to raise funds to attend the Junior World F


Please help me raise funds to attend the Junior World Fencing Championship in Bulgaria in April 2017………. If any company or individual would like to sponsor me, this would be most appreciated.


SASCOC will not provide funding to our Fencers so we need to raise funds on our own. Funds are required for new International Fencing Federation (FIE) accredited kit and swords (R18927.23), airline tickets, accommodation and food etc., in the total amount of R70,000.

Having started Fencing at the age of 14 in 2014, I excelled at the sport and at the age now of 16, am ranked first in South Africa in Under 17 (Foil) and Under 20 (Foil) and have received my Gauteng Colours in both age groups.,>

No. Medals: 33

§  22 Provincial, of those 10 Gold, 9 Silver and 3 Bronze

§  12 National, of those 9 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze

I am trained by world renowned Russian coach, Andrei Kovrijnykh. My achievements have resulted in me being invited to the FIE Junior World Fencing Championships in Povliv, Bulgaria, from 1st - 10th April 2017.

Fencing is a sport in which two competitors fight using 'Rapier-style' swords, winning points by making contact with their opponent. Based on the traditional skills of swordsmanship, the modern sport arose at the end of the 19th century. There are three forms of modern fencing, each using a different style of weapon and different rules, and as such the sport is divided into three competitive scenes: Foil, Épée and Sabre. Most competitive fencers choose to specialise in only one weapon.


Our Passion

I live and breath Fencing and if I raise the money to go to the Junior World Fencing Championships in Bulgaria in April 2017, I will get my South African Colours!

Funding will be used for

I have to buy International Fencing (FIE) accredited kit which costs in the region of R18000 and then pay for flights, accommodation and food for the 10 day competition which should cost another R50000.

More about our Project

This will help me get my South African Fencing colours if I can attend the competition in Bulgaria

We can also help you out on

I can wear a t shirt with a company logo on it if a company sponsors me.

The Team

  • Kiandra Eaton
    Project Owner
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