Music Festival in Pretoria

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Music Festival in Pretoria
Thursday, 16 February 2017
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At Innistad, you can expect:•tOver 40 of South Afr


Innistad is a music festival which is to offer not only excellent music, but COMPLETE ENTERTAINMENT.

Innistad will run from 8 September 2017 to 10 September 2017 and will be hosted at the Voortrekker monument.

At Innistad, you can expect:

•Over 40 of South Africa’s biggest artists on main stage.

•Over 60 artists performing on the upcoming artists stage

•150 flea market stands

•A beer tent/bar area that promises short or no lines

•5 star style public toilets

•A children’s play area

•General entertainment

•Fire work displays.

Current festivals overcharge and come packaged with many between the line costs. Paying for beer tent, paying to see stores, paying for bathrooms. Petrol, accommodation. 


Innistad promises entertainment far beyond what the consumer expects at a reasonable price.



Innistad and Prisma entertainment understand the importance of a good marketing campaign. Prisma Entertainment is to make use of a mixed media campaign composing of both mass media and viral techniques to ensure maximum effect and consumer retention.

Our marketing will consist of the following campaigns:





Radio advertisements: Up to 45 radio advertisements lasting 30 seconds each on 

Rippel Fm, jacaranda Fm, and Highveld radio.

Television advertisements: Approximately 6 television advertisements placed the week before the festival.


Posters: A1 sized posters placed on university grounds within Pretoria And Johannesburg 

Time Tables: Blank university time tables with Innistad logo, date and location. These will be viewed daily.

Rugby Calendar: As the festival is to show the 17:30 Bulls vs Western Province game on main screen. Currie Cup calendars will be given away at rugby games containing festival logo, date and location.

Giant guitars: A giant guitar resembling the Innistad trade mark guitar will be placed around the area of Petoria and Johannesburg. It will be rotated weekly.

Directional boards: Real estate type directional boards containing the festival logo, date and locatipon along with an arrow will be put up along major roads of Pretoria. They can be put up a week before the festival. 

Womens day: Fliers on womans day informing the consumer that there will be 5 star bathrooms at the festival and a children’s area where you can leave your children. 


Facebook: Due to the high use of facebook. Innistad will make use of paid facebook advertising. Along with that, an event and a group will be created.

Website: A website has been created to provide more information and host competitions.


Publicity: Media briefs will be sent to papers

Promotions: Innistad Draught glasses containing festival schedule.




Competitions: Best photo of why Innistad is going to be a great festival. Guess the artist.



Innistad promises to be an exciting expericence that will involve its consumers and deleiver not only music, but an experience.

LAUNCHING THE FESTIVAL: Although the festival is to sart Friday 13 at 12:00. The official kick off will take place at 19:00. This invovles a performance of the Innistad theme song. An artist will be hyped and arive by helichopter. The hellichopters visuals will be played on the av screen and timed to their arrival. The radio of the pilot will be broadcasted to the crowd. There will be an exciting entrance involving a firework display along with the theme song. The theme song and fireworks will take place on the following night again. 

MAIN STAGE: The stage being used is a new age style stage with a VIP area above the stage. This stage will feature the 40+ big artists and will be the main attraction. The organisers have been able to secure an excellent technical rig on the stage involving an impressive lighting and sound. This will add to effects and create a beter show. Lighting has been specifically designed to resemble hiqh quality theatrical musical pieces and not simply improvised scenes as South Africans are used to. 

UPCOMING ARTIST STAGE: This stage will be placed near the flea market stores at the festival. It will be a small stage and located under an open sided tent. This will be a relaxed area with an imformal approach. The presenter is a freestyle comedic guitar player who will interact with the crowd. This will insure invovlement from the crowd.  2 pre determined ‘best bands/artists’will get a chance to play on main stage. This is a competition that will be held before Innistad begins. 1 will play on Friday and the other on Saturday.

CHILDRENS AREA: There will be a childrens area (playpark) where parents will be able to leave their children. This area will have games/story times/toys etc. and is supervised.




STORES: There will be 150 stores which will not be simmilar to each other. Most stores will sell products or food, but a certain amount will provide foms of entertainment. Such as carnical type games.

GENERAL ENTERTAIMENT. This is entertainment that wil be randomly disperesd over the festival frounds. 

•Face painters

•Flaring people. Magicians. Dancers. Etc.

HORSE RIDING. The festival grounds provides horse rides

MONUMENT: The monument and museum will be open for people to see.

RUGBY: The Bulls vs Province game will be played on the main av screen on Saturday.

PERFORMANCES: Along with artists who are to perform we are including a short theatrical dance show. 

PROMOTIONS: Certain sponsors have requested promotion people to promote their products at the festival. Inistad will also have their own team with Innistad promotions promoting entertainement at the festivalv 


Our Passion

I Have been planing this Festival for 5 year know because there is no music festival in pretoria the closes on is 450km away so i want to make a big affordably festival foe Gauteng

Funding will be used for


More about our Project

Current festivals overcharge and come packaged with many between the line costs. Paying for beer tent, paying to see stores, paying for bathrooms. Petrol, accommodation

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