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Educating today's learners for tomorrow's world
Friday, 17 February 2017
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Laptop for my friend in need

My friend is going back to university this year, she lives far from the university and they have a lot of assignments to do. Her parents cant afford to buy a laptop for her. When she gets back home at night all e-centres are closed so she cant do her assignments. She needs a laptop to do her assignments. I would like to help her get a laptop so that she can do her work at night

Our Passion

Want to help my friend to live her dream, I want her to be able to focus on her studies without stressing. Getting up early to go to university and getting back late and still have to do assignments is not easy. So by helping her get the laptop she got one less thing to stress about

Funding will be used for

Funds will be used to buy a laptop for her

More about our Project

A determined student will be able to do her assignments at home after long hours of traveling to and from university without worrying about how or where she will get someone to help her to type her assignments

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The Team

  • Miriam September
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Miriam September

Contribution: R 40

Date: Saturday, 18 February 2017

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