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Monday, 13 March 2017
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Creating a business to sell, employ and donate

I have recently decided to embark on starting my own company making things from cement, wood and glass, with scope for growth in the future. As I work full time and am a single mum it is difficult to fund the start up of the business which I would like to use as a platform to help others in the future. I am looking for assistance to purchase materials and possibly assist with finances to rent a small shop to sell the products from.  I could also in this way help others sell their merchandise from the shop and I could assist them with online marketing via my website and facebook. I am passionate about enabling people and helping others believe in themselves and their self worth. I would also like to be able to take this on full time in the very near future and take on staff so that others have work opportunities. I would love to be able to donate more to organisations that are in need and offer my time and expertise where needed. It would be an honor to leave my daughter something for her future via this business so that she can continue to give to others via this platform, therefore enabling our community if only in a small way, it could make a very big difference in some peoples lives and that's what counts.


Our Passion

I love creating things and home decor and arts and crafts are something that is not only a hobby but also an outlet. I would love to help others enable themselves to create their own side line business with the tools and the ability to believe that they can enable themselves and support themselves with something as simple as cement or collected wood.

Funding will be used for

The funds will be used to purchase materials to make the products and possibly rent a small shop in the Fish Hoek area to sell the goods. I would also like to assist others to market their products via my website and from the shop so that people are able to promote and make money where extra is needed. I believe in helping those that want to help themselves and there a so many skilled people out there that are not aware that they have the ability to go out and make a success of themselves. I would love to help ulift the community by assisting with volunteer work and workshops to help others in need.

More about our Project

My project will enable more people to get involved and assist in building a community of people who can work together and uplift each other through their gifts and talents. We can teach smaller children how to be creative and think out of the box to create a future for themselves.

We can also help you out on

I would love to assist with volunteer work and donate to those less fortunate. If I am able to grow this business I will be able to assist others and teach them business skills, arts and crafts and 'self employment' I am passionate about positive energy and teaching people that if they have dreams, set goals and believe in themselves they can achieve anything.

The Team

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