28 Days in a Wheelchair!

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28 Days in a Wheelchair!
Monday, 03 April 2017
Project Admins:
28 days in a wheelchair!

I am Peter Muller, an Architectural Professional, who sat on the SABS committee that drafted the SANS 10400:S 2011 standard relating to universal access in the built environment.   I further wrote the section on universal access in the publication Architective: Building Construction Standards of South Africa, which was published in 2013 and 2015.  This publication, and especially this chapter, was aimed at being a "best practice" guide.

 Due to a passion for Universal Access and the implementation thereof in the built environment, I have also been planning on spending a week or so in a wheelchair, to experience the actual impact of that which we have done, and that which has not been done.

 I have found myself recently involved in major office buildings in Kenya, and my time to research and develop further in Universal Access was very limited.  However, the company I've worked for has indicated that they will not be renewing my contract at the end of April, which is off course a major financial setback, however, it does provide me with an opportunity to attempt my experimental research.

 I am aware that all the equipment that would be involved are quite expensive, and I have started a crowdfunding movement to raise funds to assist with the expenses, which will most likely also include medical costs from pressure sores, etc. as I am considering doing a four week stint.

 As I am residing in Kroonstad, and the DA last year asked for assistance in addressing accessibility in town, I believe it would be the perfect location to do such research.  At the end of the four weeks, I would like to donate the equipment used to a worthy charity or person.

 I am considering involving some camera recordings, possibly from a broadcaster, otherwise Youtube, to record my experiences, and challenges, so that people realise what the true impact of the "not so friendly" built environment is.

 I have approached 4 different companies that provide mobility assistive devises to request if they would be interested in getting involved, jointly with the others to share the financial burden, as well as  that of those who contribute here. 

 I do have one more trip to Kenya, the last week of the month, and it would be a large contributing experience, should I be able to do that traveling as part of the research.  I think it would be excellent if someone like Mathys Roetz and his camera's could travel the journey with, recording all the challenges, we take for granted.  Exposing them for all to see.




Best regards,

Peter J Muller

Pr.S.Arch.T. ST0449

MIAT 31646

GSSAAP (Green Star SA Accredited Professional)

GAATES (Member of Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments)

Our Passion

As a child of 9 years, I suffered from Rheumatic Fever, which had be bed bound for 6 months, and then prevented from participating in sport for another year. Even with this early set back, I fought back, with provincial colours in Karate, Cycling for Northern Free State in the South African Time Trials and doing Motocross.

All exciting things that will hamper me on my old day. My grandparents and parents will get there before I do, and did. The challenges I've noticed is driving me to do better, so that those who are not as able as us, can have a dignified life.

Funding will be used for

The biggest portion of the funds will go towards contributing to the costs of a reasonably wheelchair, with "off road" extra wheel - potholes here! A transportable ramp, and some additional equipment in the bathroom, etc. to ensure that the experience is as close to real as possible.

Additional funds will cover traveling costs, medical costs (pressure sores, physio, etc) which I anticipate I'll need.

Any additional funds that come in will go towards obtaining additional mobility equipment that will be handed to a worthy charity or person at the end of the research!

More about our Project

I will be simulating a person without the use of his legs for four weeks. The purpose of which, is to experience the built environment as it currently exist, and to some extent inline with the regulations written by various parties at the SABS, of which I was a member. Due to other commitments and responsibilities, I will however, be driving if and when required, but that would be the extent of compromise.

The beginning is going to be tough due to upper body strength challenges, and then the duration will bring other challenges. It should deliver excellent data for developing a response to what we've published thus far.

We can also help you out on

You could contribute mobility equipment no longer being used at home, or join us for some discussions regarding mobility impairment.

The Team

  • Peter Muller
    Project Owner
Monday, 03 April 2017 by Peter Muller

Planning to spend 4 weeks in a wheelchair and related elements to determine just how successful universal access provisions in the built environment really is.

Several organizations and groups are showing interest and seems a bit of discussion and planning will take place..   Am very excited.. will start some physical training (maybe unfair) what do you think?  Should it just "jump" on me, as most people ending in a wheelchair did not have any warning..

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Zac Cronje

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Date: Monday, 03 April 2017


Contribution: R 10

Date: Wednesday, 26 April 2017

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