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Human Pieces II - National Arts Festival
Monday, 17 April 2017
Project Admins:

Funds needed for National Arts Festival - theatre

On behalf of The South African Theatre Village Pty Ltd – an independent production company that aims to stage original, contemporary cutting edge South African stories as told by the youth/ up and coming South African artists/ theatre-makers we acquire YOUR help in raising enough funds to take our dream team with our production to the National Arts Festival 2017.

The company has been accepted to stage a work titled Human Pieces II at the 2017 National Arts Festival Fringe Program which takes place in Grahamstown from the 29th of June until the 9th of July. Our performances at the festival will take place from 3-6 July. We have also received a slot to perform at the Platf4rm theatre in Newtown from 5-8 June, and the Rostrum Theatre in Pretoria (Date TBA) prior to the NAF run.

The Arts in South Africa in general has a major dependence on external sources of funding to survive and outlive the dire state of our economy. It is with a mixture of great urgency and excitement that we write to you to ask if you would be interested in partially funding this artistic production in order for it to successfully go to Grahamstown. We require support/ resources in order to be able to travel to and from Grahamstown, as well as support to cover accommodation costs in the Rhodes Hostels to mention a few of our required expenditure.  

All Donations can be made to the following account:

South African Theatre Village Pty Ltd

Nedbank Current Account

Branch Brooklyn

Account Nr: 1139832360

Branch Code: 163145

Please note that all forms of donations to an organisation is tax-claimable.

It is in our interest that the funding/ Donations benefit both the receiver and the funders. If you would like to enquire about this, please contact Mariska here:

Your funding will help create jobs and opportunities for up to 8 unemployed artists. Our aim/ needs in order to accommodate 8 artists is for us to have generated R30 000 in funding by end of April, with an added R10 000 by end of May and an added R10 000 by end of June, with our total aim being R50 000. This number seems large for one individual, but with small donations from a lot of people it is more than possible. Please consider assisting us in our time of need. None of the collected funding will go to salary/ personal expenditure, but will be equally spent on all 8 participants with the aim of creating the production, getting it to Grahamstown and coming back home to Pretoria.

It is any young artists/ theatre-maker’s dream to attend the National Arts Festival in the hope that it will give us that well-needed career boost and/or exposure with the hope of being considered for future well-paying gigs in which we may make some money. Please help us to make this dream come true. There is no such thing as a “Small Donation” and any donation amount will be received with great gratitude. We look forward to hearing from you,


Kind Regards,

Mariska Denysschen

Director of The South African Theatre Village Pty Ltd.


With the help of YOUR funding, the following young artists will be sponsored to attend and work at this year’s National Arts Festival:


Calvin Ratladi

Zinhle Mbokane

Carla Belmonte

Mimi Mamabolo

Mpho Ngoepe

Mariska Denysschen

Adrian Steyn


All of the above artists are newly graduated TUT scholars from the Drama Department. They have either graduated during the last two years or will graduate this year.


Your funding will be highly appreciated by all of the above.

With great regards,

The Team of Human Pieces II.




Our Passion

My name is Mariska Denysschen, the director and writer of Human Pieces II, and I am passionate about this project because I believe that we can raise the funds to take up and coming, unemployed artists to the National Arts Festival. The team started as 3 members, but because of the need of employment in young artists & their hunger to work and attend a well acclaimed festival such as the National Arts Festival we've decided to grow our team which requires funds. Your contribution will employ and enable the above mentioned young artists to attend and work at the National Arts Festival 2017.

Funding will be used for

Our general aim is 50 000 by end of June, and our aim for end of April is 30 000. We've managed to collect 10 000 in funding from donations by close friends and family and from our own pocket, but need another 20 000 for end of April. These funds for end of April will be used to prebook accommodation in the Rhodes residences in Grahamstown for 8 people, will contribute to funds for costume and props used in the production, and will assist in providing the entire team with transport money from May until June for rehearsals and performances. Any remaining funds will go to our end of May target - adding another 10 000 to our main goal, which will help in transporting the 8 of us to and from Grahamstown.

More about our Project

Human Pieces II a tragicomedy written and directed by Mariska Denysschen (Most Promising Student Director NAF 2015) starring Calvin Ratladi and Zinhle Mbokane. It has original music by Ruan Denysschen and will premier at the Plat4rm theatre in Newton 5-8 June. It has been accepted to perform under the National Arts Festival Fringe program from 3-8 July.

We can also help you out on

We still require costume for performers, transport to and from Grahamstown and Accommodation for 8 people in Grahamstown. Any sponsorship in this form/ in the form of Marketing would be very helpful.

The Team

  • Mariska
    Project Owner
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Contribution: R 65

Date: Monday, 17 April 2017

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