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Wednesday, 14 June 2017
Project Admins:

Be Bonita is yearly 3000 women's empowered busines

BONITA lean&Sell : This school is basically a “Giving Back” project for the economically weak section of the women’s from various society levels within the province of each “BONITA” located. starting with first one in a 3000 sq. lavish School cum showroom in Gauteng.

We will train about 200-250 women’s every month with the modern/traditional hair styling courses with a certification from HINDUSTAN, world first and biggest Natural and Real hair headwear manufactures and distributors.

Hindustan also having its own company in SOUTH AFRICA for the past 10 years and HINDUSTN owned brands are (1) (2) (3) (4) and many more.

On completion of the school and certification, we will present each of our BONITA LADIES with a free LIFE START KIT, to begin their journey into the service industry of HAIR&BEAUTY in SA as Bonita Hair Beauticians.

50% of the admission will be absolutely at free of charge and rest 50% will charge only at the rate of 10-20% of existing beauty industry education fee in the market. Selection free students ( 50%) will be based on there social/economical criteria.

This project is invented and promoted by HINDUSTAN HAIR PRODUCTS SA (PTY) LTD.

Periodically we can educate and bring about 15-20000 women’s each year from economically weak sections and generate an education for their livelihood.

All our trained/educated BONITA women’s will be our sales reps also, based on a commission basis, which is the prime benefit for the company to bring more sales into the system with larger mouth sales among the women's of SA.

Moreover, all our BONITA women’s shall have a percentile of commission for all/any sales they bring to the company.

This BONITA project is standalone and multipurpose entrepreneurship Organization that has a large community works, but with a focus of selling huge amount of real hair head wears in the SA market. An absolute alternative to the cheap synthetic/plastic headwear available in the country. Our products are 100% natural , hence 100% bio degradable.

We can create one BONITA project in every major cities of SA over a period of time and this bring a huge relax to the government with the reduction of unemployment among women’s


This is an ETHNIC WOMENS only project where only SA citizen can be a student of age between 18-45



Our Passion

We are into real hair business since 1992 and have huge and largest networks of clients ,experience, knowledge and exposure ( promoted by . And trust that, only way of giving back thought that you can reach to the millions of women's attention in SA market with this top of the notch quality products. And also we owe SA's first and biggest online hair mall for the real hair industry (

Funding will be used for

most of the funds will be used for setting up the state of the art school on head wear education, promotion, life kits and infrastructure. Rest will be invested onto the end products for the SA market ( ie, real hair weaves, extensions , lace wigs, wigs, buns, braids, closures, toupee.etc).

More about our Project

Be Bonita will be a first of its kind in SA nor anywhere: Make more sales while generating more education.

Natural and real human hair is a luxurious and beautiful product which need more education among the end users at its sales point. And its an absolute bio degradable answer to all the plastic/synthetic headwear available in the country.

Creating a large amounts of sales reps while giving educations and a new breath of life to the women's from backwards areas of South Africa. In 5 years we can create about 10-15000 women's who can sell our products , purely on commission basis not on salary basis.

Our Bonita certified women's will earn there livelihood from fixing and service charge they provide to there customers.

We can also help you out on

Awareness among ethnic women to participate in our education ( learn) programmes:

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Date: Thursday, 22 June 2017

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