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tour bus finance
Tuesday, 01 August 2017

looking for financial assistance to obtain a 23 se

Good day 

there are a lot of minibuses on the road and with competition between them there is little or no room for safety for our elderly and female commuters. Sad to say that as much as we all need money , there should also be service delivery. there must be a passion for people beside the passion for money. I have started this, transporting people with my car, I pick up our passengers at their home and drop them at their home. whether its to take them to hospital , buy their groceries, take them to their group meetings on outings or just to visit family and friends. Truth be told that to hire a taxi costs an arm and a leg. just for 4 pensioners to go to an outing and a prominent mall just 30km away , they were charged R1000.00 to be picked up and return home. this is absurd. I see cases here is KZN where the elderly are taken advantage of, female passengers are abused and threatened. what is gone wrong with our society? I have requests from my regular passengers to take them on trips , some want to go to Capetown for a week , some want to go to Johannesburg etc. they are in groups of 10 to 15 at a time. I cannot do this with my car. My female passengers ask me for trips to restaurants, they have a group of 15, that cannot be done with my car. Each time to go as a group to Suncoast , or Sibiya or the Wild coast each person is charged over R250,00. the elderly and our ladies have lives too. They also need to go on outings , they also need to reduce their stresses in life by meeting their friends and socializing. I am offering a safe respectful option for our people to get around and enjoy life but not at the cost of an arm and a leg. I am a professional driver with a professional driving permit , I have two other driver that have the same. All we need is help to finance the vehicle so that we can help our people live life to the fullest. lastly a family of 5 had to attend a funeral in Pongola. the quotes they got from taxi operators was R 500.00 per person to go and R500.00 per person to return. that is without R250.00 an hour to wait there. that would mean RR5000.00

point is I took them. for less than half price. I need your help to make this work if you can , please  

Our Passion

I am 100% committed to this project, been involved in community work for many years. I have been with the low income housing projects, worked with the poor , had a feeding scheme, worked with community leaders to assist battered and abused women and children. I have been a professional driver for many years and after the death of my 5Year daughter and my mum , I lost my job. Now my time is committed to taking people to their destination safely for a reasonable price and still make a living.

Funding will be used for

purchase the vehicle and get the necessary permits

More about our Project

I am currently transporting people but this is proving difficult with just my car. because of the service i give my passengers , they want to travel with me. and by word of mouth its growing.

We can also help you out on

Im available 24 hours a day, and after hour the price does not change. I am consistent with the pricing and avail myself to satisfy our passengers. I have another two drivers that share this passion. they will do the trips if and when Im not available. I provide safety and reliability and my rates are very very affordable.

The Team

  • Desmond Christopher Willie
    owner and operator
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Desmond Christopher Willie

Contribution: R 10

Date: Tuesday, 01 August 2017

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