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Eye believe - mystery tour
Saturday, 12 August 2017
Project Admins:
South Africa has a wealth of tales of the unexplai

Millions of people are interested in the supernatural this evident by the thousands of shows on TV about ghosts, ghost hunting, vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures; because humans are curious about strange things and what to understand them. We all want to be frightened. It sounds strange, doesn’t it? Watch a person who is watching a horror movie or listening to a scary story. Her eyes become larger, her mouth opens and her hands are cold. She moves closer to her friend as she doesn’t want to be alone yet she continues to watch or listen.     

People love ghost stories. Who among us has not shivered delightfully as someone tells of a spooky, unexplained encounter? Who doesn’t feel a suppressed start at the creaking of furniture in the dark of night? Who has not felt a shiver of goose flesh, controlled only by an effort of will? Who, in the dark, has not had the feeling of something behind him – and in spite of his conscious reasoning, turned to look? For, do we not all stand in awe of that which we can’t explain, of that which we know and can know nothing of?  Thus, I am convinced that if we were all honest with ourselves we will admit that whether or not we believe in ghosts we are deeply interested in them. 

 South Africa has a wealth of tales of the unexplained. Our rich and varied view of different landscapes, different cultures and different ways of life bring us an abundance of spirits and ghosts closely tied to our country's dramatic history and the tribulations of those who lived to tell of it. 

 In tracking down the ghost stories of different cities, towns and regions, We will take viewers on a journey of mystery and intrigue while showcasing places, practices and people with amazing skills and abilities in South Africa that remain relatively unknown to most South Africans. 

 Our objective will be to capture footage of an actual paranormal entity or event. We will not attempt to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts since that would be pointless because if you are inclined to believe in the paranormal weather there is evidence or not you will believe and if you are inclined to be sceptical you won’t. Instead the focus will be on the mystery, magic and even fear these tales invoke.

Our Passion

Studies consistently show that large percentages of people in Japan, Brazil, South Africa, the United States, India, France, the Philippines, Russia, Thailand, and many other places believe in ghosts or claim to have felt or seen ghosts.

Since most of us prefer to believe that we will continue to exist in some capacity after death, the idea that we might invent something like ghosts seems a reasonable one. After all, what better way to convince oneself that a deceased loved one is okay “on the other side” than to imagine seeing them at the foot of your bed, smiling and looking better than they did in life?

But I believe there is more to ghosts than just wishful thinking or the quest for a spooky story to tell. I believe there are a number of good reasons to at least be open to the idea that ghosts might well inhabit our reality such as:

• Medium Contact - I recognize that the history of séances and medium contact with the dead (known as necromancy) has been rife with fraud for centuries, making it easy to dismiss the concept of ghosts out-of-hand for that reason alone. However, hoaxing does not constitute proof that something isn’t true; it only demonstrates that people are very clever about deceiving others. There have been studies made on the validity of those who claim to be able to contact the dead, with some interesting results—at least in a few cases.
• Historical Precedence - If ghosts were a fairly recent phenomena like Bigfoot or UFOs, it might be easy to dismiss them as a by product of our culture’s overactive imagination, but stories of ghosts and hauntings go back thousands of years. In fact, accounts of other worldly visitors can be seen in the writings of the ancient Greeks and Romans, and mention of a ghost can even be found in the Old Testament Book of 1st Samuel (1 Samuel 28), so the belief has been around a long time. That doesn’t prove anything, of course, but it does tell us that we’re not the first generation to grapple with the idea that the dead may come back to haunt the living, which suggests that the ancients encountered things every bit as bizarre way back then as their modern counterparts do today.
• The Immutability of Energy - One of the most basic tenets of physics is that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can only be changed from one form to another. As such, since human consciousness appears to be a manifestation of electrical energy, it stands to reason that the basic essence of a human being—that which we call the consciousness—is also eternal.
• Eyewitness Accounts - It’s surprising how many people claim to have personally seen a “ghost”. Even if we discount a large percentage of these as imagination, mistaken identity, or outright hoax, the fact that millions of people around the world claim to have seen a ghost with their own eyes has to be taken seriously. What’s especially compelling is the fact that most people who claim to have seen a ghost either didn’t believe in them beforehand or were not expecting to see one, reducing the chances that their imaginations were playing tricks on them.
• Photographic Evidence - While most photos I’ve seen that purport to be “ghosts” turn out to be common camera anomalies, pareidolia (seeing familiar objects—like faces—in random patterns of light and shadow,) mistakes or outright hoaxes, every now and then I see a photo that defies easy explanation. The most compelling, of course, are full body manifestations of entities that were not seen at the time the photo was taken, but appeared later once the photo was developed or downloaded. Since the advent of the digital camera and Photoshop, however, it’s becoming increasingly easy to fake a ghost picture. That still doesn’t explain away those photos taken before the advent of the computer, or those shot on celluloid film. Plus, there are a number of digital photos out there that would also be exceedingly difficult to fake even in the hands of an expert, making the supposition that every photo of a ghost is a hoax untenable.

I know that none of these in and of themselves constitute proof that ghosts exist, but when combined they make a good case that there may be something tangible behind those things that go bump in the night.

For me the benefits would be getting to make my film and travel. For you it would be the obvious financial rewards since you would be the part owner.

Funding will be used for

Production Budget

Trip cost (transport, food, accommodation etc.) R 500,000
Equipment cost (cameras, lighting, sound etc.) R 120,000
Salaries R 980,000
advertising R 400,000

Total R2,000,000

More about our Project

Filming will take place in 6 cities namely Kimberley, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Pretoria and Johannesburg over a 3 month period. Once the filming is complete footage will be edited and packaged into 21 episodes +/- 20 min in length and we will conclude the TV deal by selling the finished documentary to a broadcaster and all proceeds will be distributed to individual contributors in terms of percentage contributed.

We can also help you out on

If you have experienced any supernatural incidents and reside in one of the above mentioned cites feel free to share your story with us.

The Team

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Date: Sunday, 13 August 2017

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