Aquanaut Solar water system for Africa

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Aquanaut Solar water system for Africa
Tuesday, 29 August 2017
Project Admins:
Aquanaut - the need for long term clean water solu

Background on Products and Technology
Aquanaut is planning to assemble the first level of the Aquanaut Water Distillation unit. A product design team of professionals experienced in IP industries being co-opted and this type of product has been put together to drive this project.

The Aquanaut co-engineer the next generation of contaminated water processing equipment, and will also pursue the building and assembly of the product line that the company plans.

AQUA4LIFE MILESTONES 2013/ 2014/ 2015/ 2016/ 2017

The company delivered their first 200 Lifestraw family units to GIZ in Windhoek in Dec 2013/ 2014. The ongoing discussion with Project FM suggested that we would be required to supply +-300 units during course of Jan 2014 and thereafter between 500 and 1000 units per month. This has currently been temporarily been placed on hold as new NGO teams find their feet in the communities, however the discussions with Nam Govt via the University and Health dept are showing positive signs of non political decisions being made. A new ISA has been engaged for the region.

2014/ 2015/ 2016 saw a number of interactions with Rotary International and private in the humanitarian space. We also saw expansion into the Tourism industry with significant uptake in the high end Game Lodges/ Reserves providing clean water to the many guest coming to SA. 2015 saw us receive the

Frost & Sullivan Award

                                                          Customer Value Leadership Award

Water Sanitation, Southern Africa

Towards the end of 2016, our focus started shifting to finding LONG term solution for BULK water systems where we could impact the rural population to stem the tide to urban migration, resulting from citizens prepared to live in abject poverty and less than dignified accommodation/ sanitation/ hygiene in their search for adequate supplies of clean water and hopefully a better life. Having interacted with many different technology and various solutions, we decided to look into what we could develop for ourselves, since we had seen various technological ideas over the couple of years, we were able to design a technology that would use various IP technologies that were SA in origin. We are able to “plug and Play” these around the main component – the water distillation (heating) system. This will be adapted to be scalable from 25L/ day to +-200,000L  per day for 15 to 20 years! The product design is being implemented as we speak and a scale working model will soon be completed.

We are actively involved with Rotary International (Sea Point) at local level (Rotary Safe Water Project) meeting the demands and needs of the impoverished members of our communities (see and

Our aim is to roll out this technology to Africa' s poorest and most in need of clean water ideally reducing the +-5700 daily deaths in Africa of children (90% u5yrs), creating healthy environments for children to be able to attend school and to free up women and girl children from the chores of having to travel many Kilometres to collect water thus furthering their education and helping to alleviate the poverty cycle. As we know, you cannot eat or study if the water you are drinking keeps causing diarrhea and other illnesses.

This need is exacerbated by the speed of the population growth within these communities without any infrastructure capability by national or regional authorities. 

We are going to be able to help in a way that gives dignity to these people.


Our Passion

Aqua4Life also fully upholds the tenets of corporate social responsibility, thinking of it as just one part of corporate social ability. Aqua4Life also recognize that it’s not just the goal of our business, but also how business is done, that matters. Looking forward to 2017/18, Aqua4Life is very excited about several initiatives we’re undertaking to become better corporate AFRICAN citizens.
The wellbeing of people, especially our children, is extremely important, and we look forward to achieving that in both our business objectives and our approach to reaching them.

Funding will be used for

The company is seeking R2,000,000 for set up and expansion purposes. The expected use of funds will be broken down as follows:

Marketing of new product 150,000
Growth into new marketst 400,000
Purchasing additional equipment/ building prototypet 500,000
Working Capital/ staff/ other 600,000
Other - Admin systems (office/Manufacturing) 350,000

More about our Project

FOR RURAL - Works is a modular system to provide from +- 1000litres/day to >10,000 litres/day or even more when connected in series. Aquanaut® can use energy from any power source solar/ wind/ electricity - but simple solar/ wind collectors are preferred.

HOME – a solution primarily for domestic use. Can be placed on (or in) a roof and the flow can be directed directly into the kitchen. A solar collector with a Aquanaut® unit integrated 1 m2 will give app 20-25 litres per day.

MEDICAL - A solution for ultra clean water to be used in the healthcare sector. CEAN water for cleaning wounds, operations and technical ultra clean water needed for medicine efficacy are potential areas for usage. The solution is a standard Aquanaut® system for special post treatment systems to guarantee secure and sterile water supply.

AGRICULTURE – Proven research show that for maximization of yield (ROI) (meat in livestock, better growth for plantations/ hydroponics, consistent yield in wine making etc, consistent CLEAN water is needed. An expected improvement of +-15% or more!

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The Team

  • Nico Germishuizen
    Project Owner
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