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Amangie Parables of Events
Thursday, 31 August 2017
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Events planning and execution deals a lot with cre

I  am a 20 year old female who is passionate about entrepreneurship, employment for young people as well as quality education for kids from disadvantaged back grounds as I have experienced it too. I started my business straight out of high school when I was 17 with aims to fund my own Studies in Varsity because I am also a second year Bcom Law student. My business does Events for individuals, corporate and other organizations. We do Birthday Celebrations, Showers, Anniversaries, Picnics, Graduation Celebrations, Matric Balls etc. We use most of the money to fund young kids education as well as donate 5% to charity. We also teach others about entrepreneurship to create more of these jobs. This industry makes a lot of money, if you have your strategies right. I wish It can grow to other provinces too and help at least 50 students a year and more. 


Our Passion

My passion about this project is because it is light at the end of the tunnel to money. I love working with people and learning from them. I believe the youth are the change makers and I'm determined to be one of those. I always think about the end goal. That's what persuades me to work harder every day. Being a business owner to me is not all about the status and having more money, it's about building relationships and helping those In need.

Funding will be used for

All the funds will be used to buy equipment we need.

More about our Project

We provide decor, catering, photography, entertainment for minimum 3-120 people
All year round.

We can also help you out on

You can help by donating decor equipment or catering equipment if you have that you don't need or use anymore. Could be very useful.

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  • Amanda
    Project Owner
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