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Wednesday, 27 September 2017
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Be change you want to see in this world by helping

South Africa Care Youth Association is a NPO who renders services to help disadvantage people and bring change to the lives of people in need. We aim to raise fund for a young woman who struggles with PCOS and who realy wants to have a baby. Often in life you get teenagers who became pregnant and give up their children for adoptions, or throw their babies away but what about all those woman who desire to have a child but not able to get one. Fertility treatments is expensive. Not everyone can undergo them. Also not everyone will feel the pain of a childless mother if you have never been in that situation.

We try to help those woman even if we can only cover the treatments. Money will be spend toward all treatments and cost of medicine. In some cases we want to go the extra mile and cover also donors cost if the couples want to go further and get donors to help them. Life is an uncertain road. Their pain can be your pain tomorrow and woman needs to stand with one another in these difficult time.


Put a smile your heart put giving one childless parent the opportunity to have a child......

Our Passion

My passion for this project started when one of my family members went through the same problem. She went to see different gynaes. Cried herself to sleep. No medical aid covers Fertility treatments and treatments is expensive. Sadly her life and marriage fell apart as her husband wanted a child.Togther we can fight this.

Funding will be used for

Funds will be allocated to doctors appointments, fertility treatments and every single cost that occur for infertility.

More about our Project

We already identified a woman who struggles with PCOS and we wants to assist her as she can not afford treatments.

We can also help you out on

Offer to pay transport fee, offer to pay for fertility treatment yourself, guest house booking for couple and even small donations will help

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