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Baby Blake Herman Medical Fund
Thursday, 27 November 2014
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Little Blake is finally allowed to go home but not

Baby Blakes Story - from mom Sabrina...

We urgently have to find a place to live close to the hospital (within 20 km) He was born on the 25th june, 2 days later we were medivaced to Christian Barnard Hospital in Cape Town where he was kept in the neo natal ward where the doctors tried to keep him alive as he had intestinal failure due to no blood flow to the lower half of his body, he had a 3 holes in his heart of which one needed to be repaired...a few days later he went for his first open heart surgery which lasted 9 hours and was on bypass...he was then ventilated for the next few weeks where they tried to take him off 3 times but were unsuccessful, due to the fact that he had "laryngo malacia" & was then sent for the tracheostomy procedure where they insert a tube in his throat where he breathes out of...due to the trach being inserted he had severe reflux & was then sent for the "nissen" procedure to stop the reflux where they pull a tube into the stomach and narrow it and a "peg" was inserted which is a tube in his stomach that he is fed through...they then put a "port" in his right shoulder just below his clavicle bone where they are able to put a line in to draw bloods and give him some of his medications...after all that we were told that the aortic arch that they initially repaired was starting to narrow & making him battle to breathe on his own without the oxygen they did a procedure where they go through the groin to try and balloon the artery open but where unsuccessful & he had to go back in for another open heart surgery for them to repair the artery and insert an artificial patch and was put on bypass again, which this surgery also lasted 9 hours but he was losing to much blood when they had brought him out so they took him back in re-opened him to see what was wrong and repaired the artery leading to the left arm...a few more weeks & we were moved back from the SICU to PICU where he has been receiving chest physio and has been seeing a neurophysio once a day to help teach him to sit, crawl, & play around and a speech therapist to try get him to eat through the mouth little by little...amoungst the way he has had numerous viruses due to his immune deficiency & recently had CRE which is a very fatal virus which he managed to get rid of in 2 weeks...he will be going home on oxygen and we will slowly be trying to take him off day by day...we have a portable suction machine & oxygen machine which will go everywhere we go and he will need 24hour care so I have had to stop working to take care of him while craig works hard to bring in as much money as he can for us and to pay for medical aid...we should be able to be released next week but are far from over...he will need to be at the hospital every 3-4 weeks to receive his immune deficiency medication and every 3 months for his heart check ups...and more open heart surgery's will be done as he gets older as the artificial patch on his artery wont grow with him so will need to be re-done as he gets older...we are unable to go to shopping malls or any crowded area with him as he will easily pick up an infection...and is prone to getting one is allowed to touch him or kiss him either




Our Passion

Any parent who has to go through what these two have been through and still come out smiling and full of love deserves every credit and support they can get. So proud of the parents that God has blessed Baby Blake with...

Funding will be used for

All funds will go directly to settling Hospital and specialist bills that Medical aid has not covered.

More about our Project

On top of all this Craig and Sabrina had to relocate from East London to Cape Town to be closer to the hospital and with Sabrina being unable to work tjis has just added to their expenses and stress. They have no family to lean on for support and will appreciate any assistance, even if its a visit from a friendly face in Cape Town.

We can also help you out on

Other ways to assist would to help fundraise or create awareness for Craig and Sabrina's little miracle warrior.

The Team

  • Christine Herman
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