Gadluma Summer School 2017/18

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Gadluma Summer School 2017/18
Monday, 30 October 2017
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Many learners that we work with come from disadvan

Our Non Profit Organisation - Gadluma Skills Development Project based in Motherwell,  Port Elizabeth is holding it's annual Summer School programme from 25/11/2017 - 15/12/2017. 

We adopted this programme to help improve the  dismal matriculation pass rate of the 2016 academic year and we hope by proactively addressing the crisis that this initiative will foster a good work ethic by keepING our youth engaged and interested in being part of the solution hence forth.

We do this by by offering practical skills development extra curricular  with proven  teaching methods that assist the schools in maintaining steady growth for many years to come.

The present day youth of Nelson Mandela Bay are challenged with a high unemployment rate across the spectrum, and we would like to request your assistance in building a lasting impression in their minds to break the cycle of unemployment, poverty, crime and uneducated families.


Our Passion

I can not really explain the feeling giving to someone that does not have what I may have means to me so I continue to give what I can to anyone in need against all odds.

The best feeling for me is when a child who has now moved on to varsity happens to bump into me and says "Thank you, you changed my life".It has happened more times than I can remember this year alone and I am grateful I could be there for another person

Funding will be used for

We need the following stationery and equipment;

Casio fx-82ZA calculators × 50
Mathematical Sets × 50
Flip Chart
Flip Chart Markers
A4 Counter Books or Exam Pads
Projector Screen
T- Shirts - Branded
Clipboards × 50

More about our Project

This initiative will resume again in the New Year - 06/01/2017 until June 2018. Any donations made for this campaign will help disadvantaged children with transportation to Career Expos and pay for necessary field trips to other places of interest

We can also help you out on

We would ask people to buy school shoes for both girls and boys, book bags, and stationery for the kids and spend their free time volunteering throughout the year. This would make a big difference in these kids lives.

The Team

  • Nyana
    Project Owner
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