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Printing gift card

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Printing gift card, custom printed cap and t shirt

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All of the above and 10% shares of the company

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Uncle Jo's -  Z.N Branding division
Monday, 27 November 2017
Project Admins:
A brand that brings quality and trust to people.

       The t shirt and caps Branding industry is taking South Africa and the rest of Africa by storm. More and more people are now Branding their own t shirt and caps to make profit. Yet, finding a cheap printing company is hard as it is to find.


In our township, there are printing companies that are available, with one problem in all of them. They work with big businesses and not with Branding companies.


       We hope to open a Branding division in our existing company and our love little community and create job opportunities and find talented designers. Also to bring a printing company to other small existing Branding companies in our community. This will bring affordable printing cost and increase their turnover.

Our Passion

To create a trustworthy and top quality brand that will be able to show the talent of South Africans and the beauty of our township. Help the start-up Branding companies with their need to print, sell and distribution of the product in their name.

Funding will be used for

Funds will be used in the following ways:

To buy:

1. Embroidery machine
2. Software and computer hardware
3. Training people
4. Operational capital

More about our Project

The company is divided into three phases.

Phase one:
The start-up and registration of the company. The company is already registered and operational. The first product we would be Branding is expected to co out in the middle of December.

Phase two:
The save up enough capital for operational and training of the stuff. Finding the right designers and printing company that fits the criteria.

Phase three:
Fundraising to buy our own embroidery machine and other equipment. We are at this stage of the process.

We can also help you out on

By sharing with friends and family to help us come true.

The Team

  • sihle
    Project Owner
Thursday, 14 December 2017 by sihle

Visit http://greased-watch.000webhostapp.com. Note, this website is only for a start up an will change from time to time.



Saturday, 09 December 2017 by sihle
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