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Save our museum
Sunday, 03 December 2017
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The buildings that house our museum are becoming o

We need to doe repairs to our historical buildings in Steynsburg that house our museums, Bulkhoek, Steyn house and Van Der Walt house.

We receive no funding at all, and the buildings are in dire need of reperations.  Bulhoek was the birth place of Pres Kruger, 

Steyn House was where the founder of the town lived

Van Der Walt house was left to become a museum after the owner died, and houses a lot of the items from Bulhoek

Our Passion

Can't see history get lost, really need to get these buildings sorted so that our town can stand proud again

Funding will be used for

Replacing broken windows
Refurbishing of Bulhoek
Solar panels for lighting for the 3 buildings
Glass display units for some of the historical items like bibles ect

More about our Project

Douw Steyn was the founder of our little town and also the grandfather ot Pres Kruger, the three buildings one of which is the birth place of Pres kruger and the other the town house belonging to his grandparents are in dire need of restoration. With out any funding this is proving to be a difficult task.

All funding will be used for reparations to these buildings and to bring them up to scratch once again and make our town proud

We can also help you out on

Donations of building materials
Thatching grass
solar pannels
glass display units

The Team

  • kathy
    Project Owner
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Date: Tuesday, 02 January 2018

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