What is StartMe

What is Startme


How does StartMe work?

Anyone, in South Africa can create an online project explaining the details of the proposal and what they plan to achieve with the money they raise. The project will include 2 important sections:

The Target – the total amount of money they wish to raise for their project. 

The Incentives – the benefits that people who donate to a project get in return for their donation Project founders then promote their project to potential funders. Funders then invest money in the project and over a period of time (90 days is the maximum time available to raise the funding required) the funds accumulate until the target is reached.

Who uses StartMe?

People all over South Africa are using StartMe — both to raise money and to contribute to other people’s passions. There is no limitation on who can use StartMe as long as you are over 18 and have a valid bank account.

What does StartMe do?

StartMe is a South African crowdfunding platform where entrepreneurs, artists, causes and others who want to raise money can create fundraising projects to tell their story and get the word out. StartMe is also a place to discover what people all over South Africa are passionate about and how to get involved.

Is anyone in South Africa able to create a project?

StartMe is an South African platform, so anyone with a bank account can start a project.

Can anyone fund or donate to a project?

StartMe is a South African platform, but you don’t have to be a South African to help fund a project. Anyone who uses PayFast can fund a project. PayFast offers free registration so if you are not using PayFast yet please register at www.PayFast.co.za

Can I raise money or contribute in my currency?

At this time, StartMe only accepts and disburses funds in South African Rand.

Who is the team behind StartMe?

StartMe.co.za is crowdfunding platform for South African Entrepreneurs and Investors. Founded in 2011, StartMe is the next generation of business investment. It is a new way to fund entrepreneurs, artists, schools and community projects in South Africa by crowdfunding for equity or other incentives, giving those looking for funding a platform to connect with ordinary people and raise start-up finance. By attracting lots of investors who invest smaller amounts of money into a person, company, product or idea you can bypass the traditional ways of raising venture finance. Founded by a group of South African Entrepreneurs frustrated with the lack of availability of such services in the country, StartMe has gone from strength to strength.

Created by the same group of South African Entrepreneurs behind the South African Investors Network www.investorsnetwork.co.za and with the understanding of the frustration experienced by many SA entrepreneurs experiencing a lack of availability of funding. The task of securing investment is a notoriously challenging and sometimes slow process that can be a struggle at the best of times. In today’s economic climate this has become even more challenging.

  Ben Botes - Co Founder

Ben is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Writer, Coach and academic. He is the co-founder of Investorsnetwork.co.za and Businessplanwhiz.co.za,  two web portals dedicated to 1st time business leaders and entrepreneurs. He is also the Co-founder of iAccelerator , Business support Hubs and incubators.  

He is the author of numerous books and e-books on a number of small business issues, and has been featured in The Times and the Wall Street Journal for Europe newspapers as well as Radio 702, CapeTalk and SA FM.


  Lourie Nel - Co Founder

Lourie is a seasoned business strategist and financial expert. He currently heads up finance and investment activities, IT and communications functions at StartMe. He advises clients in various industry sectors, specialising in the service sector, building and construction, and technology industries. The size of these businesses varies from micro businesses run by a single person to multi-national organisations.

Prior to founding StartMe, Lourie held positions in practice and industry as well as running his own business advisory website. Lourie has been assisting start-up businesses and rapidly expanding businesses for more than 15 years – providing advice on system development and implementation strategies. 

  Judy Rossow - Chief Operating Support

 With a strong banking background having worked for some of the major banks in South Africa, Judy brings a wealth of experience and a friendly approach to operational support at StartMe. 

  Rex Allchurch - CTO

Rex has been involved in the IT business as an entrepreneur and business owner for the last 10 years, focusing specifically on business start-ups both locally and abroad.

Although fundamentally a technologist, Rex brings with him a wealth of strategic and tactical experience in management, marketing and web development. 

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