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Friday, 25 May 2012 14:08

Online Investing as a High Growth Investment Opportunity

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Online investing is one of the most lucrative areas of high growth investment today, and for a reason. For those who are not aware, high growth investment is a relatively new type of investment strategy where you invest in companies that are expected to grow faster than others do for shares or ownership equity. This is often done on a crowdfunding platform such as Startme in South Africa where you have the opportunity to invest in a business or creative idea together with a host of other investors. Not only is this more affordable and the risk is shared among many of you, but its an exciting opportunity to see your money grow. This investment is used for financing the company.

Those who provide equity finances as an investment to high growth companies are called venture capitalists, while those who provide finances to a startup with high expectations of growth are called angel investors. Let us take a closer look at what these investors do.

The role of venture capital and angel investors

These investors may be different from each other, but they essentially work in the same way that they provide new and emerging businesses with the money they need to survive and grow. In return, the investors get equity shares of the company and get to profit from the company’s growth. Traditionally, the investment of business capital has been an opportunity that was only limited to the very rich and wealthy investors. However, in recent times, individual online investors have also been able to cash in on this form of investment.

In fact, capital investment is a common trend among individual investors in many countries today. However, like any other form of investment, there is a certain potential of risk in this case as well. If you choose the wrong company to invest in, you would end up with some low-priced shares. Moreover, if the company shuts down and liquidates, you would not be left with the shares at all. If you are looking at capital investment as an opportunity, you should look at several different aspects that can maximize your investment and minimize the risks.

Online investing in startups

The best way for an individual online investor to choose a high growth investment opportunity is to join a website that deals specifically in the field. In terms of venture capital investments, venture capitalist firms or VC firms are the ones you should approach. These firms are aware of the huge risk involved in investing capital, which is why they rigorously test and research business ideas and determine which ones are the most promising.

Internet-based startup investment websites are pretty much the same. They look at a number of different aspects of a business idea, starting from the idea itself and its feasibility. They then look at the business plan provided by the entrepreneur, the market dynamics at work, and their expected effect on the business plan, and many other things.

Despite the research conducted by such businesses, it is important for you to understand that the risk of investment cannot be brought down to zero. There is still some risk involved in investing in capital, but you can combat this by investing in different companies with high growth. Each of the startups and ventures you invest in should have a high estimated growth rate, and they should preferably function in different fields and industries. In this way, you can offset the losses incurred due to investing in a failed company with the high return on investment from successful ones.

The current business scenario in South Africa is quite positive, with many startups growing a healthy rate. Around the world, several countries have begun to ease the rules on startup capital investments, allowing even the casual individual online investor to get into the field. South Africa is also changing the way it sees startups funded by venture capital investments and angel investments. Simply put, the time is right to invest online in high growth startups, just as long as you make informed choices after conducting the necessary amount of research. A startup without enough business potential or a well laid-out plan is not a good investment opportunity, and should be avoided at all costs.

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