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  • 14 Feb 2018

    Some Frequently Asked Questions about Home Equity Loans

    With stagnant job market and rising banking regulations, online gap fill loans such as personal loans and/or payday loans have become more and more common in the UK. Whether your car broke or a you need funds to get your garage repaired or it is a medical bill or a shortage of cash for your anniversary gift, it is more convenient to apply for online personal loans rather than going to main street lenders.

    Most people with poor credit opt for online loans as they are relatively easy to obtain and have less hassles involved. In fact, being a homeowner, you can avail home equity loans and raise huge funds for home extensions or foreign travel. However as a debt is a debt, it should never be used casually. You should have a proper plan before you apply for personal loans for homeowner online.

    Here are 5 FAQs asked by homeowner loan borrowers:


    1. Are homeowner loans extensions to my mortgage?

      Well, it is one of the most common misconceptions among some of the borrowers. Home loans and homeowner loans are not the same. Homeowner loans are essentially a second charge against your property. The loan is independent of your mortgage and you may or may not use the same lender. Homeowner loan is thus not an extension to your current mortgage loan.

    2. Do I need a guarantor for homeowner loan?

      Being a homeowner, your loan application is coveted as reliable one. When you apply for homeowner loan you need not have a backing of a loan guarantor. In fact it is also possible to search loans for poor credit no guarantor is needed to get the loan approved.

    3. Can I get unsecured homeowner loan?

      If you do not want to pledge your home equity rights, you may consider applying for unsecured homeowner loans. There are some lenders who consider homeowner applicants better than tenants. However reaching them singly could be a neck in pain. You may consider using professional broker’s help to ease the job for yourself.

    4. Why use loan broker’s advice for home equity loan?

      Brokers are loan advisors. Contacting them opens up a plethora of options available for you. They do not indulge in decision making for you and thus you get fair chance to make an informed decision. However when you choose to reach out to lenders directly, the process gets tedious and slow.

    5. What purpose can I use home owner loan for?

      Like personal loans, homeowner loans are also all purpose loans. There are no restrictions attached on the use of loan amount. You can use the amount raised from home equity loan for your personal reasons. Generally most people apply for homeowner loans for debt consolidation or home improvement. Whatever be your reasons, make sure you have a full back up to repay loans on time. With timely loan repayment you can gradually improve your credit situation.


  • 6 Feb 2018

    How to Find Unsecured Loans without Guarantor?

    A lot of borrowers find it difficult to borrow personal loans without guarantor. For, most of the high street lenders ask for a high net worth loan guarantor to extend a loan to borrower with less than perfect credit score.

    A loan guarantor signs the loan agreement and provides a guaranty of repayment to the lender. In case of default the guarantor is deemed to be liable for the loan repayment and thus the lenders prefer to consider applications with guarantor.

    Roping in a guarantor also helps the borrower avail a better rate of interest and saves enough on the total cost of the loan. However, it may not be possible to find a guarantor always. Manyatimes, you strictly need no guarantor loans for personal or social reasons. Herein, it could be a tall order to search for loans without guarantor from the main street lenders. You would indeed be thoroughly dependent on private loan partners who deal with people with low loan eligibility.

    How to find No Guarantor Loans?


    You can either Google “unsecured loans no guarantor” and check out the top 10 results to avail a direct deal for the same or use a more definitive route for the same. A lot of loan sharks also run cloak sites online. You need to be savvy to identify these sham loan shops. You must not forget to check the credentials of each lender separately.

    The more convenient and hassle free method could be contacting a loan broker and raising a query. This is an unofficial loan query and is not recorded on your credit report. Brokers are the loan specialists and extend assistance to borrowers with credit issues. They usually abide by the FCA guidelines and search for tailored loans according to loan queries. When you contact a reliable loan broker, you could be rest assured to find a customised loan according to your repayment capacity.

    As you share the requirement, the broker would share the available loans with no guarantor clause. You can compare and choose the best deal available. There is no obligation to pick any particular deal as brokers are loan advisors and not the loan sellers. With a broker by your side, it gets as hassle free to search for bad credit loan as it can get.

    Things to keep in mind:


    When you consider using private loans for poor score, you must borrow after a proper planning for the same. Do not forget to use professional advisor’s tips for loans with no guarantor. It would help you plan the loan repayment. The ease of repayment helps you ensure timely repayments. As you repay a bad credit loan on time it would build your score, while the nonpayment may escalate the interest rate and invite the late payment charges. Thus it is important to always have fool proof plan to manage additional loans in time.

  • 31 Jan 2018

    Is it advisable to make an instant decision for bad credit?

    We all know about the importance of credit scores for borrowing decisions. With poor credit as difficult is to locate a loan as is to settle the deal on a normal interest rate. Owing to strict regulations of high street lenders, borrowing with poor credit health is not a cakewalk for people with bad credit history or score.

    However things are not as pessimistic when you search for loans with private players. Many lenders extend loans to poor credit borrowers. A lot of people would advice you to make an instant decision if you could steal a deal. But haste could be a total waste in matters of money and finance. When you need loans for bad credit you must check the deal on following parameters.

    Does the loan fulfill your requirement?

    bad-credit-loansBefore applying for a loan you must clearly outline your expectations from this additional loan. Clearly note down how much you want to borrow and for how long? In fact it would be fruitful to estimate if you would need more loans in future or this will fulfill your requirements.

    After knowing your credit needs, you must analyse the deal available. Is the loan amount being offered fulfils your requirement? Or it helps you partially. When you deal with bad credit, it is advisable to opt for loan amount carefully. You should neither borrow too much nor lesser. It has to be optimal to justify your cash lapses.


    Last but not the least, make sure there are all documents pertaining to your loan. If a lender is more vocal than sharing the documents or e-docs with you, they may simple be fraudsters. A lot of loan sharks are always on the lookout for desperate bad credit borrowers. Rather than opting for sugar coated claims for “instant bad credit loans” or bad credit loans without bank account or without credit history, you should apply for a loan to an experience loan broker.

    With a loan broker by your side you could be rest assured of seeking access to legitimate deals at best price. They also ensure swift deals with least hassles. Hope you consider all these factors before signing a deal.

  • 22 Jan 2018

    How to get approved for longer loans with bad credit?

    Be it financial emergency or wrong financial decision(s) in the past, availability of credit plays a crucial role in staying afloat despite temporary cash lapses. In wake of constant struggle to meet your monthly loan repayments and credit bills, many borrowers look for consolidated loans or refinancing options to ease the instalment burden.

    However it is not a cakewalk to get approved for long term loans. Most main street lenders pick and choose their clients. In fact the central bank of the UK, the Bank of England, has also admitted that owing to uncertain financial situation the lenders seek to use stricter lending policies for unsecured loan in 2018. To avail longer loans the hardest call is to establish your credit worth to the lender. However with the development of FinTech industry you can find several private loans online.

    Let’s find out how to get approved for long term loans for bad credit history.

    First things first, there is no magic wand to help you improve your profile. Improving credit rating is a gradual process and thus you must stay away from any counseling agency suggesting you to improve your rating miraculously in a short span. No one can delete your bad credit history from your credit report. Period.

    Next, you must also be careful who you are dealing with. For a lot of inexperienced and fraudulent companies are always on a look out for borrowers with pressing financial needs. You need to ensure that you use a trustable loan adviser to help you find a licensed lender. With a broker by your side you could be rest assured of locating reliable loans with no guarantor or collateral would be required!

    Debt Consolidation Loans
    Being a homeowner you can avail a debt consolidation loan according to your repayment capacity. Even when you need unsecured loan, owning a home makes you a reliable borrower. Most lenders find homeowners as more trustworthy. You are expected to be sincere in the repayments being a homeowner.

    It doesn’t imply that you cannot borrow a long term loan as a tenant. The terms of loan and interest rate may vary however. So including a loan broker’s advice is a must step to search the available deals in the market.

    Personal Loans
    Many borrowers look for long term loans to pay out part of their current obligations. If you too seek personal loans to repay your debts, make sure you take every effort to get a loan at low rate. Generally unsecured bad credit loans would cost you very high and thus you must be really careful before signing the deal. Use loan advisor’s guidance and get your loan affordability assessed.

    In fact it would not be an exaggeration to point here that assessing your profile is one of the safest ways to know if you would be eligible for loan or not. As per FCA directives, a loan broker is expected to share only practical deals. Before picking a deal it is important that you are confident to repay the loan.

    Keeping all these pre requirements in mind, it is imperative that you use a professional to assess your eligibility for long term loans.

  • 15 Jan 2018

    A Bad Credit Borrower’s Guide to Loans on Consolidation

    Consolidation of debts is often opted as a last resort to manage accumulated debts. However many free advisers would warn you against availing the same. Some claim that consolidating loans is like putting all your eggs in the same basket and thus it is too risky for a person with poor financial situation. In contrast, a majority of professional loan experts favour consolidation of loan as a positive step in the right direction to mend your past credit karma!

    Herein I have compiled a quick borrower’s guide to answer all your queries regarding debt consolidation loans. I have made an effort to help you know why debt consolidation is answer to your bad credit situation.

    First things first, what are debt consolidation loans?

    When you have multiple loans from different lenders and you find it difficult to repay or manage them every month, it is time to simplify things by merging your debt burden. When you opt for debt consolidation loan, you basically apply for a larger loan to repay your all debts including credit bills and personal loans, with a single monthly instalment. The consolidations loans are available as secured as well as unsecured loans for bad credit.

    The purpose behind consolidation loan is to make your monthly debt burden low. By consolidating your loans you intend to make your single monthly installment loan lower than sum of your previous pay outs. However it is important to know here that reducing monthly debt burden may increase the overall duration of loan. You can consider using a professional loan advice to find a middle way to save maximum on the interest rate. Most borrowers opt for debt consolidation loans for ease of repayment and to stay afloat.

    Why consider debt consolidation loans for bad credit health?

    It is important to know why you need consolidation of loans before applying. Debt consolidation should and is the last resort loan in many cases. You must consider consolidating loans when:

    • You are struggling to manage a number of instalments every month
    • Struggling to bear the burden of loans from your current income
    • You have loans at high interest rate and cheaper loans are available
    • You need to lower debt burden to stay afloat or to protect your credit score

    Using debt consolidation, you target ease for loan repayment and successful maturity of loan. With poor credit it is advisable to go for private loan partners. Using a broker’s advice you need not bother about past credit history, credit check, guarantor availability and upfront fees as these broking agents work particularly to help borrowers avail loans to improve their credit situation. They guide you to avail loans with ease.

    Making a final decision– Secured or Unsecured Loans?

    Being a homeowner you can avail a long term debt consolidation loan at low price. However many borrowers tread carefully when it comes to availing loans against their residential property. When you apply for secured debt consolidation loan, there is no risk as long as you successfully repay the loan; while if you have apprehensions about a secured loan, you can opt for unsecured debt consolidation loan for bad credit. Being a home owner a private broker can help you find better interest rate. Main street lenders stay away from unsecured loans with bad credit.

    How to avoid risks associated with consolidation loans?

    All in all, there are no or minimal risks offered by debt consolidation loans. It all boils down on how you manage your situation. Staying in poor credit situation is a financial suicide. You cannot borrow or live with poor credit show for long. By consolidating your loans you get one fair chance to mend your poor credit situation and that too with total grace and self esteem.

    Using professional loan advice you can get answer to all your loan queries and draft a successful debt management plan.

  • 8 Jan 2018

    Why Homeowners Need to be Wary of Unwarranted Borrowing Decisions?

    With the advent of FinTech industry in the last decade in the UK, availing loans has become as hassle free as it can get. However availability of credit should not be the deciding factor to avail the same. Being a homeowner you are eligible to borrow more than the worth of your home. Despite the current mortgage you can raise a second charge and raise as much as 70 to 80 percent of home equity you own. However before you avail the benefits of available homeowner loans in UK, you must be wary of your borrowing decision.

    It is important to assess your loan requirements before you begin the loan search. For example: It is a complete NO to apply for a secured homeowner loan for your business operations. You must not avail a business loan against your home until there is the least risk involved.

    It appears too overwhelming to avail an additional loan on instalment when you have less than perfect credit rating. However the decision to borrow a secured loan against a residential property could be appalling if you fail to meet the obligations. You need to have a definitive repayment plan before you apply for loan against property.

    Assess the available loans for homeowner

    With poor credit it is important to assess your loan bearing capacity before anything. You can search for unsecured loans for bad credit borrowers instead. There are dedicated loan partners who help homeowners avail personal loans with least hassles. Many times, you need not even bring a loan guarantor to avail the personal Loans for homeowner.

    These lenders rate homeowners more secure and less risky as against bad credit borrowers living on rent. Although there is no claim over your property in case of unsecured loan, being an owner of property makes you some worthy of obtaining loans.

    Ensuring success of homeowner loans

    In order to have only positive footprints in your credit report, make sure you do not borrow more than what you require. Always borrow for the amount you can conveniently draft the repayment plan for.

    If you want to raise homeowner loan for home renovation, make sure you borrow for targeted repair work. For, costs of home repairs can be unlimited and with poor credit score, it is better to have a well defined expense plan.

    You can consider contacting an experienced loan broker in the UK to get access to available deals. They can help you assess your credit situation for free. By evaluating your loan repayment capacity they help you make an informed decision.

    Most brokers are friendly loan advisors. You get thorough loan assistance online. You can share all your borrowing blues with them. There is no fee for asking questions.

    You should keep your borrowing needs straight. Whether you need funds to travel abroad or to renovate your kitchen, bathroom or it is meant for boiler or car repair, or a mix of expenses, share the details and compare the needs with your current financial situation. The broker would advise you to not exhaust the entire home equity limit if you can meet the purpose with the limited loan.

  • 29 Dec 2017

    Why Many People Prefer to Opt for Bad Credit Loans without Guarantor?

    Roping in a high net worth guarantor with poor credit score is as much a task as arranging funds for the repayment of loan during the financially stressed days. Most of borrowers make a mistake of depending too much on a loan guarantor when searching loans for bad credit.

    With poor credit rating as your credit rating is low, so is your credit worth. Becoming a loan guarantor for a person with poor credit history can be a risky affair and thus most of the people would shy away from extending a guarantee support to your loan application. Therefore you need to search for “available” loans for people with poor score. With the emergence of FinTech Market in the last 10 years, a lot of successful loan providers are working online.

    If you are looking for a bad credit loan for the first time in your life, it would be fruitful to use a loan broker’s advice for the same. He can guide you to avail the best unsecured loans without any hassles. In fact brokers work as middlemen between lenders and borrowers. They can help you find tailored loans according to your repayment capacity. They assess your loan profile for free and thus help you understand all ins and outs of borrowing loans.

    Things to keep in mind when you need no guarantor loan:

    When you need unsecured loan with bad credit, it would not be possible to borrow a low cost loan. Thus it is important to assess your repayment capacity well before availing a loan as it is going to substantially add to your financial obligations. Herein a broker can help you understand the cheaper avenues to borrow loan.

    For example: Being a homeowner you can get a low cost no guarantor loan. The broker can help you find unsecured loan for homeowners at better price. According to your loan requirements he will share the available deals with you. You can compare and choose the one that serves your purpose.

    It is always advisable to consider your previous loans’ burden before raising a new one. In many cases, refinancing the previous loans or opting for debt consolidation is a better option. However the amount and purpose of the additional loan would be one of the deciding factors for the same. The broker particularly helps you make your mind regarding the new loan.

    Despite the high cost of no guarantor loans many borrowers prefer for the same owing to less stress attached with these loans. You can make an independent decision and need not avail a consent of a third party for loan. Many people do not prefer to discuss their financial situation with other people and thus using no guarantor loans they also protect their social freedom.

    If planned well, you can repay the loan and improve your credit situation without making a shift in your social repute, whatsoever.


  • 19 Dec 2017

    How to Borrow Effortlessly with Bad Credit Rating?

    Loans work like a power house for personal and professional dreams of a person. Whether you need to opt in for post graduation course to enhance your professional credentials or additional funding for expanding your business operation, or to source a lavish reception party for a loved one, — it is important to have a positive credit history to be pre approved for loans.

    It would not be wrong to say that best unsecured loans are mostly available to people with high score. With poor credit rating, a lot of options to borrow cease to exist. However with the advent of FinTech industry in the past decade, borrowing with poor credit rating has also become a more refined and convenient option. As stricter has become the directives to borrow from the conventional channels as refined has become borrowing from private lenders.

    Today to avail bad credit loans no guarantor or collateral is required; what is required is a bit of planning and professional advice. Here is a step by step guide to effortlessly find bad credit loans in UK. The points are drafted after considering the borrowing hassles of people with low loan eligibility and low credit score. Be it bad credit history or no credit history, — these steps would help you alike.

    1. Evaluate your credit report
      Although there is no transparent credit score calculation formula, maintaining financial discipline in borrowing and repaying can help you build good credit score. The better is your credit score the better are your prospects for loan approval at lesser rate. Nevertheless with low score, you should be firm to build your credit score.
      Pull out free credit report from any of the top credit agencies. Assess your credit situation and analyse your debt to income ratio. Before you begin your search for “Loans For bad credit” it is important to know what you could afford precisely.
    1. Contact a broker online
      Next contact a loan broker for professional advice. Being loan advisers, brokers can act as your personal loan guides to perfect match loans. Whether you need instant cash advance or short term loans for bad credit, a broker can help you find the desired deal with least hassles.
    2. Put across your requirements
      However to avail a tailored loan for bad credit, you would need to share your requirements carefully. Discuss the situation with the broker and understand the pros and cons of each option clearly.
    3. Compare and choose the best match
      With a broker by your side, you can compare and choose the perfect match loan without any hassles. There is no obligation whatsoever to pick any deal. However it is important to avail only affordable plans. Have a back up to repay on time as bad credit loans should never be borrower to roll over. The late payment could be a financial suicide for your credit rating.
    1. Follow a repayment plan and build positive history.
      Always have a repayment plan when you borrow a loan. When you borrow to repay on time, you are less likely to default. With successful repayment you can build good history and improve your chances to borrow in future.


  • 13 Dec 2017

    How to Reduce Hassles of Long Term Bad Credit Borrowing?

    Securing good credit score is one of the prerequisites of obtaining loan. In fact all the terms on loan agreement including the rate of interest are defined according to your credit rating. With high score, your loan application is preferred by the lenders. It is expected that you can afford the loan and repay it on time.

    Your score basically depends on 5 factors: regular loan repayments, loan mix you use, credit utilization ratio, age of loans and number of loan queries raised by you. There is no universal formula to calculate the score however. Each lender may slightly differ in measuring your credit worth. However if you flout any of these factors, your credit rating is bound to suffer and your loan application would be rejected too.

    Borrowing Hassles with Bad Credit Rating

    Bad credit loans

    With poor credit rating your loan application is thus outrageously rejected by the main street lenders and private lenders are also expected to quote very high interest rate. The biggest hassles of borrowing with bad credit rating are:

    1. Low credit rating turns to low loan eligibility
    2. There are very few lenders who deal with bad credit borrowers. It would be a great hassle to search for a loan provider.
    3. Bad credit loans come with higher interest rate and additional processing charges. Another hassle is thus to locate a low cost loan.
    4. Owing to all these discussed issues searching long term loans for bad credit is a very tall order.
    5. A lot of loan sharks are also active in the UK FinTech Market. These unscrupulous lenders are mostly on a look out for desperate borrowers. You need to be wary of such lenders at the same time.

    Finding bad credit loans with poor rating

    Best Unsecured Loans

    Most borrowers with low credit rating are thus willing to settle with less than the best unsecured loans. However you need not choose just any deal available online. You can seek professional advice and minimise your borrowing hassles and improve your credit health.

    You can use broking advice for:

    1. Searching a reliable and experienced lender.
    2. Availing access to closest match loans in the UK. Brokers can search difficult-to-search deals such as long term loans with no guarantor at the best rate.
    3. Establishing your credit worth for an additional loan. For example, sometimes when you fail to get loans because of your current loans or low income, broker can mediate with lenders and prove them how you could afford the loan and intend to repay successfully.
    4. Mending your credit rating.
    5. Making a successful credit improvement plan using bad credit loans.

    Brokers extend tailored loan advice free of cost and thus it is recommended to use their loan advice. Whatever be your credit hassles, you could avail deals with the least hassles. Searching bad credit loans on own could be too troublesome and tiring. However when you contact a loan broker, you do not need to worry about loan rejection. You get complete choice to make your loan decision. There is no obligation, whatsoever.


  • 5 Dec 2017

    How to Borrow Long Term Loan as Self-Employed?

    Being self-employed brings oodles of freedom to work and manage time. You become your own boss and you get ample freedom to work from home and seek work life balance. However, the convenience of flexible work schedules challenges your credit drawing potential.

    Many lenders are likely to reject your loan application owing to your risky profile. The income of self employed people is considered unstable and they are looked upon as risky borrowers. The loans would come unabatedly at a very high cost. From freelancers, to contractors, to sole trader or those who run small businesses, fall under “self-employed” category.

    Whether you have accumulated loans and credit cards, in order to borrow a long term loan you would need a loan broker’s advice. There are several private lenders online who deal with bad credit borrowers. The broker can help you search the required deals from reliable lenders at the best possible price.

    Why use debt consolidation loan?

    consolidation loans uk

    When you are struggling to keep track of your monthly repayments owing to multiple high cost loans and credit bills, consolidating debts helps you reduce the burden of debt. All of your outstanding accounts are converted into a single loan account. The instalment burden is reduced too. Herein it is important to note that you would end up paying more on interest as loan duration is raised.

    Being self employed why you find it difficult to borrow?

    Every time a lender agrees to extend a loan your way, they would want to ensure that you could afford the repayments. They would seek income proof. Depending on the length and size of loan they may ask for 6 months to two years of income proof. You may be required to submit bank statement or balance sheets to establish the same.

    However most of the self employed people have varied customer orders and their monthly income might not be stable. In such a scenario you are considered as less worthy for loan.


    How to find long term loan as self employed?

    long term selfemployed loans

    If you can afford the loan, you would first need to establish your repayment capacity. A broker can greatly help you prove your credit worth to lenders. If you do not have a stable monthly inflow of income but have decent earnings annually the broker may help you avail loan on the basis of your annual income itself.

    Thus you would need to contact a proficient broker to avail a self employed loan. You can fill an online form and seek customised credit help from brokers. From long term debt consolidation loan to personal loan, to homeowner loan, a broker can help you avail the required loan without any hassles.

    All in all, being self employed you get ample flexibility to work. However lenders consider you less worthy for financial help as they fear the unstable nature of your work. Herein using a broking service you can pick and choose a reliable deal with the least hassles.


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