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  • 9 May 2018

    5 Red Flags to Indicate Bad Choice of Consolidation Loan

    The debt ceases to be “power” when you begin to struggle for the repayments. Whether it was a wrong borrowing decision or a failed business plan, the moment you need to cut your regular expenses to manage the monthly repayments, it is time to restructure your debt accounts.

    It is not only you; hundreds and thousands of people apply for consolidation loans in the UK every year.  Consolidation of loans is a debt management plan and thus it is the right step in the direction of better credit health.

    Apart from main street lenders, you can find flexible offers on debt consolidation loans for bad credit online. Using private online loans is swift as well as hassle free. However you should be alert while searching for a legitimate consolidation plan. Online hunt for cheap consolidation loan is recommended, however you also need to know how to stay safe at the same time.


    First point of contact

    According to the FCA which is a financial watchdog in the UK, no loan provider can contact you to persuade for borrowing loans. The first point of contact always needs to be initiated by the applicant and based on your query the loan provider shares the deal. With this said, if any lender contacts you with the exact deal for your requirements, you should not jump off to seal it. You must first ensure that the lender is a regulated one. In many cases, fake companies act as loan sharks. They are on constant hunt for desperate victims.

    Upfront Fees

    If a lenders or broker asks for upfront fees to share the loan deal, you must think twice before agreeing to their terms. When advice on all types of best loans in UK is available without any upfront fees, why spend anything for the same.


    Guaranteed Loan

    If a broker or lender claims that they can help you find guaranteed loan without a credit check, do not make any deal with such unscrupulous people. No one can guarantee loan approval. The loan deal is always offered according to the profile. With past “tainted” credit history, little income and high debt, the loan approval is only based on your affordability. No one can assure the deal without a check.


    Debt reduction

    Debt consolidation loans are not a means to reduce the debt. Consolidation is a debt management tool. Herein the applicant merges all their liabilities into a single loan. The purpose of debt consolidation is to reduce the monthly debt burden which is usually due to longer duration and lower interest rate. The loan burden is not reduced but it is restructured. So you need to be cautious of loan deals that claim reduction in overall debt.



    A lot of fake companies sugar-coat loan promises. While a loan shark deals with you, they will make more of verbal promises. It is recommended to check each and every word of contract by reading the loan agreement. Do not believe only on verbal assurances.

    Identifying a loan shark is thus not a rocket science. All you need is careful eyes for detail and you can always sense the presence of the wolf!

  • 2 May 2018

    Stay Safe Online by Applying for Loans Without Fees

    It is disheartening to learn that more than £3.5 million has been lost in 2017 by Britons in paying fees to online loan scammers. It is a steep 44 percent rise in scams this year and a majority of the victims belonged to the low income group households.

    Whether you seek urgent loans for emergency situation or need a debt consolidation plan at cheaper price, you must be careful before signing a deal over the net. It is important to learn how to identify a loan shark and stay safe online.

    While the revolution in FinTech services has practically made it hassle free to borrow online, a lot of unscrupulous people have made it a risky affair at the same time. According to the recent media reports, three quarters of people who were duped online in 2017 were unaware of the scam for a very long time. They were contacted by the loan sharks and asked for upfront fee for loans they never received.

    Thus it is important to be aware of safe ways to avail loans online. For, there are legitimate brokers who charge upfront fees for better deals for borrowers with poor credit.

    Regulated broker vs. Loan Sharks



    According to the FCA directions, a loan provider can never contact you with an offer. It always has to be your query that should initiate the conversation for funding. Whatever be the deal, if the broker contacts you by themselves, you need to turn cautious. The first point of contact legally has to be yours in case you want a loan. Any broker or lender who contacts you with a great deal, exactly matching with your needs is likely to be a scam and you should not deal with any such broker.

    Professional loan broker


    Rather than contacting a lender directly for no guarantor loans, it is advisable to go through a loan advisor. When you contact a lender directly you owe the responsibility of checking the credibility of the deal.

    However dealing with experienced broker helps you stay safe and secure. A lot of brokers do not charge upfront fees from brokers. With bad credit it help you avail hassle free loans for bad credit no guarantor no fees.

    All you need to do is compare and choose the perfect match with the lowest interest rate.

    Homeowner loan

    Homewoner loans

    Bad credit loans generally come at high cost. By using home equity however you can use homeowner loan and save enough. Homeowner loans are one of the better ways to loan online for bad credit. Neither do you need a loan guarantor nor do you need to part from additional cash on the name of high interest rate. Homeowner loans are less pricey and are more readily available for borrowers with bad credit.

    Ease of repayment

    Another cache to stay safe online with bad credit loans is to apply for loans with ease of repayment. Always opt for installments that can be paid out easily. Emergencies are mostly uncalled for. With poor financial health, it is not easy to stay afloat with even minimal of cash hassles. Thus it is always fruitful to avail loans with ease of repayment.


  • 25 Apr 2018

    Why You Must Contact Broker for Online Loans?

    Too many loans, temporary financial glitch, medical emergency, loss in business, loss in family and so on; there can n number of genuine reasons for bad credit history. But the fact of the matter is you need to learn to stay afloat despite incessant cash crunch.

    Whether it calls for additional loan against property (LAP) or seeking a support of a friend for a guarantor loan, you must look for professional loan advice and make an informed decision. For, main street lending shops do not extend funds to borrowers with poor credit history or low credit score. A lot of lenders who market low interest rate loans for bad credit borrowers couple these deals with hidden charges and late payment charges.

    Hassle free borrowing

    Using services of loan broker, you could be rest assured to get connected to experienced and regulated lenders. You need not worry about the legitimacy of the loan provider. Neither do they charge any fees nor do they oblige you to make a decision without your consent. They are loan advisors who guide you according to your needs. You can compare and choose according to your exact needs. There is no obligation to pick any particular deal. Bringing choice to your platter, brokers make bad credit borrowing entirely hassle free for you.

    How to avail loans online?

    You need not hop from lender to lender to search loans for bad credit no guarantor. All you need to do is contact a broker online. You simply need to fill an online form and express your willingness to search for loans. There are thousands of dedicated loan providers working exclusively for borrowers with less than perfect score. The broker would share your profile with interested lenders and protect any kind of footprint in your credit report while searching the deals. You can assess each deal and choose the best match.

    Making the choice: Which loan is perfect for bad credit?

    There is nothing that can be tagged as fit all loan. Different borrowers have different requirements and limitations. You must thus only borrow the one that is best suited to your needs.

    For instance if you need a very urgent loan up to £1000 for a couple of weeks or so, you can use high cost cash advance options such as payday loans or doorstep loans. It is easier to afford very small loans for very short duration. However when you need moderate to high ticket loans you must look for affordable instalment loans.

    It is important to ensure that the monthly instalment of loan is according to your repayment capacity. Bad credit loans should always be used as a last chance loan. You should never raise more than what you could afford. For, nonpayment can further hurt your credit rating.

    In all, using professional assistance you can better evaluate your situation and make an informed decision.

  • 19 Apr 2018

    Will Brexit Change the Way SME Businesses Run in UK?

    The anxiety and uncertainty owing to effects of Brexit on UK economy is understandable; however the published content on the matter is scaremongering to some extent.

    As we advance towards the official date for Brexit (which is less than a year now), the intent to understand the subject is relevant too. Let’s explore how the exit of Britain from the European Union will affect the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) of the United Kingdom.

    It would not be exaggerating to term UK SMEs as the backbone of the Britain’s economy. For, it caters to 60 percent of private sector employment by creating staggering 2 million jobs since 2010. There are close to 5.7 million small and medium size business in the UK and constitute over 99% of private sector firms.

    Challenge 1: Shortage of Workforce


    Businesses in Britain have been warned about anticipated workforce crisis post Brexit. It is expected that the shortfall of labour would be the biggest gap in last five decades. This could be a national challenge for the UK economy and businesses would need to review their workforce supply from time to time to keep active operations.

    Many companies that have been relying on European workers would need to ensure that they have appropriate plans in place to fulfill their staffing needs. The migration of employees is indeed a key problem for businesses today; it would only deepen as the deadline approaches next year.

    It is interesting to note here that the rising population of baby boomers in the UK has also signaled towards striking need for more professionals in health and social care sector. Besides, there has also been a constant growth in vacancies in finance, banking, and engineering and construction sector by 10-12%.

    Thus it would be wise to get prepared for the expected shortfall of labour. With cloud of uncertainly a lot of companies have already begun to bank on young professionals. Both government and private businesses should come ahead for active training and apprenticeships of local college students. This indeed could solve the gap to a great extent and ensure the constant supply of skilled workers.

    Challenge 2: Trade and Tariffs Rules


    As there is no clarity regarding trade agreements post-Brexit, business on both sides need to prepare for increased tariffs. By testing the pricing structure, any business can find out if they are ready for future tariff rise. This way they could be better prepared to win price competitiveness.

    Similarly there is no update on how trademarks and brand names will be protected. It thus becomes important for SMEs to meet the legal experts and protect their intellectual property.

    There will be loss of benefits from economies of scale and your business may be charged more for the same service. However the concerns are mutual for both the sides and it is best to keep good relations with other stake holders to figure out different scenarios for the best profit structure for future.

    Challenge 3: Business Funding

     business_fundingThe landscape of business funding is also certain to change. There would be no EU funding schemes for SMEs any longer. With main street UK lenders already hinting to regulate lending of unsecured loans for less than perfect score profiles, the private FinTech market is going to overhaul the funding demand for SMEs. Ever since 2008 the UK (United Kingdom) FinTech market is thriving and post Brexit it appears that they are going to play a wider role in serving unsecured business loans and personal loans to a majority of SMEs and households with moderate to low credit rating.

    The fear of unknown is the biggest fear. As the UK gears up for March 2019 Brexit deadline, the growth of the economy may slow down in FY 2018-19 as a result of hindered manufacturing and operations owing to unit migration and more. But we hope, the UK economy stays resilient and come through unscathed.


  • 16 Apr 2018

    How to Plan a High Ticket Loan despite Low Credit Score?

    A long term loan is a long term responsibility. Whether you need a high ticket loan for education, building a home, working on a business plan or to consolidate your debts, it would require a lot of careful thought out before you apply for a loan.

    As varied is the wealth distribution, as are the credit rating differences. Not all households in the UK or anywhere on the globe possess high credit score. There are hundreds and thousands of borrowers seeking bad credit loans in the UK.

    Let’s find out what are the major challenges of borrowing with bad credit rating.


    1. No Eligibility: You need to have an excellent credit score like something above 750 points to be eligible for long term loans from main street lenders. For, long term loans also suggest long term risk for the lender. Thus anyone with low score shall either improve their score before applying for a long term loan or resort to FinTech players for hassle free processing despite low score.
    2. High Rate of Interest: With low score you would be charged very high interest rate from main street lender. A private lender would also charge premium for offering a loan with risky profile. It is thus important to compare the deals before you choose one. You can consider using a broker’s advice to get introduced to available loans in the UK.
    3. Loan Security: A lot of lenders look out for loan guarantor or collateral to secure the repayment of loans. However with poor rating it is a cache 22 situation to search for a guarantor.

    With all these challenges searching for long term loans with no guarantor support could be a tricky situation. However using some financial prudence you can make a smart borrowing decision.

    Personal loan

    When you need long term personal loan for bad credit, it is important to clearly define the purpose of loan. Whether you need funds for a business plan or personal matters, you must know how you are going to use the funds. This would help you better channelise your funds. Being unsecured loans, the rate of interest would be high and thus it is recommended to opt for affordable repayment plan. You must be well prepared to deal with loan repayment or else it would be difficult to manage later on.

    Homeowner loan

    Being a homeowner you can avail cheaper high ticket loans despite bad credit. Be it home repair, home extension or debt consolidation– it is more hassle free to borrow as a homeowner. You can avail up to 80 per cent of Home Equity you own. In case you need an unsecured loans, the amount eligibility may vary. Being a homeowner however you would score above the tenants for loan.

    Based on your circumstances and loan requirements, you can apply online for a loan with the help of a broker. They will share the available deals online. You can compare and choose the best match according to affordability.

  • 9 Apr 2018

    3 Ways to Ease Financial Emergency and Bad Credit in 2018

    Bad borrowing decisions resulting in accumulated debts oftentimes hurt your credit worth and ruin your credit rating. However one should not live to bear the brunt of the past. Whatever be your past credit karmas, whatever be the shortfalls in meeting the loan repayments, you should take some steps to improve your credit situation. Right from raising additional loans for bad credit to using services of a loan advisor, there are many things that can help you ease the cash flow.

    Though difficult, it is not impossible to change the face of your credit situation in 2018. There is a lot that is happening (apart from Brexit) in the UK economy this year. As interest rates are constantly rising and it is becoming difficult for households with low income or those who have accumulated high debts to avail unsecured loans, you must learn right steps to stay afloat:

    1. Assess your credit situation

      In order to ease everyday’s cash shortages you must first of all assess your credit profile. You must find out what is the exact situation. Be it a deficit or a very small surplus, you need to know the exact gap between your current situation and the desired goals.
      To assess your credit health you can pull out your free credit report from any of the top credit bureaus. After checking for errors, ensure that you could recognize all the entries in your report. Next you must make a sum of your monthly payments and bills and calculate the gap between your current monthly income. You can also include the new instalment estimate to know the exact impact of additional loan on your credit situation.

    2. Restructure your loans

      After knowing your debt burden search for available loans for your credit situation. Whether you need loans for bad credit with no guarantor or no collateral, find out what is practically feasible to borrow with your current means. You can also consider contacting an experienced loan broker for professional loan advice. Brokers are loan advisors who can help you find out available deals for your credit situation. They can indeed help you conveniently locate flexible and low cost instalment loans. You can compare and choose the best deal according to your repayment capacity. You do not need to visit any broker; all deals can be processed online.

    3. Budget, Save and Invest

      Bad credit loans should never be defaulted. You must draft a fool proof repayment plan to make this plan work for you. You must adopt some good financial habits to make it a success. Three must steps to improve your finances include: Budget, Save and Invest.You must monitor your outflows and try to restrict your expenses. Try to be disciplined and follow a budget for better finances. This would help you save more and you can use this surplus to better manage your loan repayments. As you repay your loans, you would ease your debt to income ratio. You can also build an emergency saving fund and it will help you repay your loan well before time.

      In all, better credit health is a result of long term good habits and perseverance.


  • 4 Apr 2018

    5 Borrowing Hassles and 1 Solution for People with Bad Credit

    Burgeoning debt burden is a grave cause of concern for millennial in the UK. Right from student loans to auto loans, to payday loans, to small personal loans to credit card bills, the responsibility to manage these repayments is ceaseless in today’s world. With stagnating wages and limited appraisals on board, anyone who lives with a dream of owning a home or visit places with their loved ones, know how difficult it can become to borrow beyond this credit limit.

    Difficulties in life do not come knocking the door. You need to ever stay ready to play cards rolled back your way. For instance if your car breaks down for no fault of yours or a tree falls on your roof, or water seeps through your bathroom ceiling, in any of these emergency situations you would need instant funds. However in the wake of high debt to income ratio, you may find it challenging to borrow loans.

    Main street lenders are increasingly making it difficult to borrow with poor score. Five common hassles owing to poor credit rating are discussed below. Let’s seek out a definitive answer on how to borrow bad credit loans without any hassles:

    • Low Rating, Low Trust

      With low rating you tend to have low credit worth. Your low credit score basically indicates that you are not trustable for repayments. Primarily credit score is low due to default or delay in repayments, high credit utilisation, multiple loan queries, more unsecured loans, insufficient credit length. With low score, the lender would assume that you have not been regular in your past payments and possess very high loan appetite and thus they are likely to not trust you for more loans and payments.


    • No Guarantor

      In face of low creditability, the lender would seek some form of loan guarantee. If you could successfully rope in a high net worth individual to sign your loan application as a guarantor you can borrow with bad credit, however borrowing without a guarantor would be big challenge.


    • No Collateral

      When you need no guarantor loans, the lender would ask for collateral to approve your loan. But not everyone can borrow loans against their home equity. Finding unsecured loans for bad credit thus would be a far cry.


    • High Interest Rate

      One of the direct consequences of bad credit score would be high rate quote for your loan request. It would not be possible to search for a lender willing to offer you loan according to your affordability quotient.


    • Credit check

      Every time you would contact a lender they will raise a hard check to assess your credit rating making a footprint in your credit report. Too many rejections and too many loan queries would further hurt your score.

    These FIVE fears of bad credit are for real. Anyone with poor credit knows how difficult it becomes to search for a desired loan with poor credit. While mainstream lenders fail to cater to thousands of borrowers with low score, booming FinTech players have a lot to offer you.

    You can contact a loan broker online and get a direct answer to all of your borrowing troubles. Brokers are experts in locating rare loans for bad credit borrowers. They help you assess your credit repayment capacity and guide you to borrow according to affordability. They help you search various deals without initiating flags on your query. You can compare and choose the best deal without any obligation.

    To apply for loans for poor credit with no guarantor you would simply need to resort to contact a loan broker and get direct access to available loans for your situation.

  • 29 Mar 2018

    Why Debt Consolidation is Ideal for Borrowers with Bad Credit?

    When your monthly instalments begin to challenge your every day expenses it is time to restructure your credit portfolio. Staying in pressing financial situation is not good for your credit score. Besides, you cannot live a happy and content life cutting down your expenses every day.

    Whether you are struggling due to wrong financial decisions or accumulated debts, you must use professional loan advice and opt for cheaper loan alternatives. You need to assess your credit account. Manyatimes, refinancing a big ticket loan such as home loan or student loan can ease your repayment stress.

    Seeking a loan broker’s assistance you can practically use their advice to reduce the burden of your loans. From homeowner loans to personal loans, you can use an additional loan to repay your current debts and avail a low cost instalment loan.

    One of the most hassle free ways to do so is to search for debt consolidation loans for bad credit. Debt consolidation is merging of multiple debts into a single instalment loan. It doesn’t reduce your debt load but offers you better terms and conditions. The idea behind consolidation of loans is to make your current loans more affordable and manageable. You can apply for secured as well as unsecured debt consolidation loans.

    However owing to risky nature of debt consolidation loans, it is easier to avail secured loans. Many bad credit borrowers have apprehension using collateral for the purpose and they always seek unsecured loans. As main street lenders have restrictions to extend unsecured loans for bad credit, private loan providers have extended an array of options to poor credit borrower.

    By consolidating your loans, you can enjoy a number of benefits:


    Cash Flow

    As you apply for debt consolidation, you generally borrow more than your current obligations. A good debt management plan seeks to ease the cash flow while helping you better manage your funds. With debt consolidation you can avail funds for your cash shortages and stay afloat.

    Debt Relief

    When your credit score falls and you struggle to repay your finances, a consolidation loan helps you draft a plan for debt relief. With persistent efforts you can plan debt relief in the long run.


    With consolidation of loans you can better manage your debts. You no longer need to remember the due dates for various loans and bills. With a single monthly repayment, you can fetch your obligations. It is more convenient to manage your debts with consolidation plan.

    Credit score improvement

    As debt consolidation helps you make plan to repay your loans on time, every successful repayment would ease your credit score. In fact it is one of the positive steps to become debt free despite bad credit.

    Saves you from bankruptcy

    Incessant cash crunch and failure of loan repayment eventually paves your way towards bankruptcy. By consolidation your loans you protect your financial health from the final doom. In fact it is easier to manage your debts today than settling them tomorrow.

  • 23 Mar 2018

    Check Out If You Truly Need a Home Equity Loan


    With rising inflation and stagnant wages, a lot of households are finding it hard to pay for their mortgages, leave alone the home improvement costs! As borrowing challenge is a real one for the first time homeowners, the ease of borrowing homeowner loans can help them raise additional loans with minimum hassles.

    But before you check out the available home equity line of deals with a loan broker, it is important to clearly know if you really need one.

    What is the purpose of borrowing?

    Homeowner loans are raised as second charge loans against the home equity you own despite the current mortgage. These are all purpose loans and there is no restriction on the use of funds. A majority of borrowers use homeowner loans for debt consolidation or home improvement; however you can use the same for unprecedented cash lapses such as a sudden car fix or to pay for medical emergency.

    Generally a borrower is entitled to borrow 80 percent loan to value against the home equity they own and thus homeowner loans are often used as high ticket loans. However if you need a smaller loan, you may consider other alternatives. It is thus important to assess if home equity loan is the right choice for you.

    Can I afford the loan?

    You must always be prepared to repay every additional loan. It is important to plan a repayment plan before you raise a secured loan against your abode. For, nonpayment can challenge ownership of your home equity. Those who are not confident of repaying a loan on time shall search for unsecured alternatives. Being a homeowner you can avail personal loans with more ease. So better use unsecured homeowner loans as a lot of lenders rate homeowners above the tenants. 

    What would be an overall impact on my credit health?

    As you borrow a homeowner loan, you would raise a red flag in your credit report and would not be able to borrow beyond this point. It would be important to successfully close this account or previous loans to get eligible for more loans. The same is true for any type of bad credit loan. Thus you must always assess impact of additional loan before opting for one.

    A loan broker can guide you about the best borrowing alternatives available for you. You can make instant decision without paying upfront fee.

  • 15 Mar 2018

    You do not need guarantor to walk from bad credit to good credit

    A majority of online borrowers search for unsecured loans for bad credit. For, it is not easy to borrow the same from conventional lenders. With Brexit in process, households with low income groups or those with high debt to ratio, are finding it more difficult to contact lenders. Herein a loan broker can come to your rescue and share a host of no guarantor loans despite your low score.

    Brokers are not loan sellers but precisely the advisors. They help borrowers locate tailored loans with minimum hassles. The entire process could be completed online without a delay. But before you opt for bad credit unsecured loans, perform the following checklist:

    Access your credit report

    It always pays better to be informed. Destiny helps those who are better prepared after all. You must carefully evaluate your credit report before making any move for additional loan. You must calculate your total obligations and source to repay the same. You should clearly know numbers about your debts such as how much interest you are paying every month; what are the cash gaps and more.

    Make a repayment plan

    After accessing your credit profile you must draft a repayment plan. You need to look for ways to save more and repay debts on time. Only after you could muster funds for repayment should you apply for loan.

    Contact professional loan advisor

    You must always contact an experienced loan broker to avail hassle free loans for bad credit with no guarantor and no fees. Read customer reviews to learn about the success rate of broker. Using professional advice you could be rest assured of availing guaranteed loans at best price. They generally base their search on preferences listed by you and thus you can compare and choose the best match.

    Have a path to better credit

    In all, the purpose of bad credit loans should be to meet your temporary cash lapses besides helping you stay afloat. Considering it as the last chance to improve your credit, you must borrow bad credit loans to repay and build better score. You must thus always choose ease of repayment for bad credit borrowing.

    Running this simple checklist you can conveniently walk to better credit health. Your past credit history cannot hold back your future growth.



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